Joe Biden Responds Decisively to Mounting Russian Threat Against America [FUNNY 😂]

It’s good Joe Biden is protecting the people from Russia.

I’ve been really worried lately about a Russian invasion.


The Biden administration is expected to announce sanctions as soon as Thursday targeting Russian individuals and entities, in addition to new financial restrictions and the expulsion of as many as a dozen Russian diplomats from the US, in response to the hack of SolarWinds and election interference, according to two sources familiar with the plans.

The sanctions will target intelligence and government officials and entities involved in the SolarWinds cyber intrusion, the officials said.

One reason the rollout of these actions has taken longer than anticipated is because the White House was not satisfied with the options the State Department initially presented and wanted more expanded sanctions, a US official familiar with the plans said. The White House announced an intelligence review of Russia’s “reckless and adversarial actions” in a wide array of areas during President Joe Biden’s first week in office.

Another source familiar tells CNN that the administration is expected to take measures against Russia on Thursday and is coordinating with European allies.

A lot of racist people say that they’re afraid of black violence, while ignoring the threat from Russians.

They’ll say: “there’s a black guy wandering around my neighborhood, he looks like he’s on drugs, I’m scared to let the kids outside.”

They’ll say: “oh wow, there’s millions of immigrants pouring across the border, who are these people and what is this? How many millions can we absorb in one year? This is gonna be like 15 million new people in a year, where are they going to live?”

You might respond: “oh yeah, well, what about the Russians?”

It’s crickets.

What is that?

It’s white supremacists sticking together.

Russia is also white supremacist, you see. If Russia invaded America, they would turn it back into what it was in the 1950s: a 93% white country with wholesome Christian values.

And what would that mean for the trans lives?

Black lives?

Undocumented lives?

Racists don’t care. Their number one concern is that their country stay like it was when their great grandparents were alive. They refuse to recognize just how much diversity has benefited this country.

  1. Taco stands
  2. Kebab stands
  3. Spicy curries

The list goes on and on, and it’s too many to list. My fingers would start bleeding if I tried to make an exhaustive list of the benefits of diversity. But they refuse to acknowledge this, because they hate the color brown. Racists see brown and they see red. They hate the color. Studies show that racists don’t drink Coca-Cola or Pepsi, let alone Dr. Pepper. They drink Sprite and 7-Up exclusively. Actually, a lot of them seem obsessed with Mountain Dew, a phenomenon no one can really understand yet. But they’ve really fetishized Mountain Dew.

You understand?

It’s all about colors for these people.

Wood paneling? They paint it. No natural wooden chairs for racists. Some of them can’t even stand to paint the wood – they get so agitated just looking at the brown wood color.

When they take a crap, do you know what they do? They reach around and flush the toilet before they stand up so they don’t have to see the poop – that’s how much they hate the color brown.

All about colors. Their whole world is nothing but colors.