Joe Biden Refuses to Believe All Women

Joe Biden, the sexist piece of shit, is out there on the TV saying that he doesn’t believe Tara Reade that he sexually assaulted her.

This is completely against the rule of our society. The rules are that you have to believe women. If this woman says that Joe Biden finger-banged her against her consent, he has to believe that happened. Even if it’s a lie, and he knows for a fact that it didn’t actually happen, he has to believe it.

This is why we need to get white males out of politics once and for all. They are sexist pigs, and as soon as you turn around they’re finger-banging you and saying “oh yeah baby, oh yeah, gimmie that sweet sugar mama cuz I’m your daddy, yeah.”

Women and people of color have had it up to here with this fascism. It is high time for America to finally have a woman president or at least another nigger.