Joe Biden Plans to Enter the Matrix and Bring Down the Architect

As I’ve said, these “Joe Biden plans” headlines are breaking my psyche. The man is an absolute vegetable. He is not planning anything. Everyone knows that, and it is truly insulting to imply that he is like, leading team meetings and instructing people to do things, making difficult decisions, and in the situation room, gaming out his stratagem.

But this one from NPR really got me – not because of the headline, which is obviously ridiculous, because Biden isn’t looking at anything other than daytime television – but because of the picture attached to it.

Why does he look like Neo from the Matrix?

Is Plan B to enter the Matrix?

Is he going to jack-in and take down the Architect once and for all?

Joe is wearing a black polo shirt with a black jacket. I would never recommend someone do that, frankly, but it’s not outrageous. What is outrageous is that someone chose to put this picture of him, where he’s pulling up the collar like that, as a header image.

It was on Google News.

Someone has to have recognized that it looked like he is cosplaying Neo from The Matrix.

Someone thought it was a good idea to try to associate Joe Biden with iconic action movie imagery.

These people are insane.