Joe Biden Now Hosting a Health Podcast

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 31, 2020

Joe Biden: Don’t worry, he’s healthy as dog shit

Do you think Joe Biden can shave himself? I imagine he would forget where he was and what he was doing.

I’m thinking that he already needs heavy assistance with the very most basic tasks, and probably at least occasionally has to have someone help him shower, because his people are worried he’ll drown.

This Joe Biden comedy fiasco, this whole idea of running a blatantly senile man for president, is almost as funny as calling the flu a deadly pandemic and shutting down the entire world.

Doing heavily edited podcasts is a good solution to the fact that he forgets where he is during interviews. When he’s president, he can just release podcasts instead of giving speeches. We’re all permanently locked in our houses forever now, and people are itching for more podcast content to consume.

And “Here’s the Deal” is the best possible name for the show. Because senile or not, Joe Biden is a really cool cat. I especially like when women come to see him speak and he degrades their physical appearance. It’s alpha.


Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden has launched a podcast, attempting to reassure voters by channeling FDR’s WW2-era Fireside Chats but failing to distract from sexual assault allegations and concerns about his mental state.

The show, called “Here’s the Deal,” debuted on Monday with a sit-down with Obama administration “Ebola czar” and venture capitalist Ron Klain, whom Biden (jokingly?) called an “old friend of the show.” Perhaps tellingly for the candidate, who has staunchly refused to participate in a final primary debate with Democratic Socialist challenger Bernie Sanders, the pre-recorded, heavily-edited podcast clocked in at under 22 minutes.

Biden’s campaign laid it on thick in their publicity materials, promising that the show “provides a voice of clarity during uncertain times.” The podcast itself was unremarkable – reassuring platitudes (“I have overwhelming faith in the American people”) bookended promises of competent crisis management. There were gentle criticisms of the Trump administration’s response to the epidemic, and the package was marred by barely any of the stumbles that have come to characterize Biden’s public appearances. But the reactions on social media were intense.

People didn’t think it was as good as I thought it was. I’m just joking, I didn’t listen. No one listened. Can you even imagine someone listening to this?

Hey, does anyone know what happened to Bernie Sanders?

Remember that guy?

Did he… die of Coronavirus?