Joe Biden Launches Attacks on Pete Buttigieg, Says He has No Experience

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 9, 2020

Joe is on the prowl and he’s hungry like the wolf, but Pete is the expert in wolfing down semen.

Fox News:

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign released an ad Saturday that mocks rival Pete Buttigieg’s experience as mayor of South Bend, Ind. — and sharply contrasts their achievements — as Biden seeks to regain ground before next week’s New Hampshire primary.

“We’re electing a president,” says the narrator in the ad. “What you’ve done matters.”

The ad, titled “Pete’s Record,” highlights the differences between the candidates, with dramatic music swelling playing as Biden’s experience and accomplishments are recited.

“Both Vice President Biden and former Mayor Buttigieg have taken on tough fights. Under threat of nuclear Iran, Joe Biden helped to negotiate the Iran deal,” the ad says. “And under the threat of disappearing pets, Buttigieg negotiated lighter licensing regulations on pet chip scanners.”

The mocking continues: “Both Vice President Biden and former Mayor Pete have helped shape our economy. Joe Biden helped save the auto industry, which revitalized the economy of the Midwest and led the passage and implementation of the recovery act, saving our economy from a depression. Pete Buttigieg revitalized the sidewalks of downtown South Bend by laying out decorative brick.”

The ad also notes Buttigieg’s decision to fire the city’s first African-American police chief.

Buttigieg already has zero percent support from blacks, so i’m not really sure that’s a very important point of attack.

Buttigieg has hit back at Biden on Twitter, claiming that he has a different kind of experience that is more relevant to leading the modern world.

Several prominent gay rights activists criticized Buttigieg for saying that eating men’s semen gave him knowledge of those men’s racial heritage and beliefs.

“Smoking methamphetamines with another man and eating his semen is an intimate act between two men, and one of the most beautiful acts of love on earth. However, eating semen does not transfer hidden knowledge to a person. Implying that semen eating is magical fetishizes homosexual lives in a negative way,” said Tom Bufford, spokesman of Anal America, a rights group for gay pre-schoolers.

Pete, giving a speech in a church later on Tuesday, said that he didn’t mean to imply that eating semen gave him occult knowledge, and simply meant that he would be able to communicate better with world leaders than Joe Biden because he would offer them meth and oral sex.

Buttigieg also echoed Donald Trump and denounced socialism as a threat to America, citing that as the reason he supported the fraud in Iowa against Bernie Sanders.