Joe Biden is a CIS Sexist, Believes Women “Too Fragile” to Die in His Bombings

A shocking bit of news has emerged with regards to Joe Biden’s bombing of Syria – he was going to bomb again, but didn’t because there was a woman present at the site he was bombing.

This is not only bigoted, it is hateful. There is literally no difference between men and women, and Biden’s assumption that women are “too soft” or “too fragile” to be killed in a US bombing shows that he still has the same ingrained hatreds for women that all men and especially white men have.

In order to restore equality in bombings in Syria, Joe Biden should bomb a women’s shelter, a women’s spa, a girls’ school, or a nunnery.

In fact, we don’t just need equality – we need equity. We need to make up for the fact that the overwhelming majority of bombings during the sexist reign of Donald Trump were of men. So Biden should make a point to really slaughter a lot of women in Syria.

This would help to ensure the public that he has a true commitment to gender equity in all things – not just bombings.

However, Biden, who is a white CIS privileged male of the sort who has been bombed into oblivion since the advent of munitions, has thus far refused to make a statement about what he is doing to correct gender inequity in bombings, and has refused the people’s demands for mass bombing of women’s shelters and nunneries.