Joe Biden: “I’m Going to Beat Joe Biden”

It appears that Joe Biden has another challenger who could be a real pain in the ass: Joe Biden.

When you’re a Biden and you’ve got another Biden riding right up on your Biden, threatening your Bidens, putting his Biden right on your Biden, you’ve got no Biden but to Biden down your Bidens and Biden up on every Biden available to you and Biden the Biden of any other Biden that nips your Biden.

It was back in February when Biden encouraged his people to vote for the other Biden that I truly began to realize that double or even quadruple Bidens wouldn’t be enough to win the election. Biden doesn’t have a quarter of the Biden that Biden has, and he’s going to need a lot more than that.

If a Biden tries to board your Biden, you might have to Biden that Biden with another one of your Bidens.

But as the old saying goes: your fasted Biden is never going to be as Biden as your Biden Biden, Biden.

That’s why I’ve told my Bidens to just go ahead and Biden the Bidens because when the Biden hits the Biden, you’re gonna wish you’d put an extra pack of Bidens on every last one of your Bidens.

Ultimately, when the Biden hits the Biden in November, the only Biden that is going to matter is this: did you Biden your Biden, or did your last Biden trip over its Biden in the middle of a Biden?

As for me and my Bidens, we support the Bidens.

We only get one Biden to beat Biden, and Biden America Biden.