Joe Biden Goes Big on Jimmy Carter’s Wife!

If you know me, you know that I’ve had a constant piece of advice for young people: don’t ever go big on nobody.

Well, you’re not going to hear that from Joe Biden, who this week took his wife for a trip to go Voltron maximum on Jimmy Carter and his dead taxidermy wife.

Joe, if you wanna go visit Jimmy Carter, go in like normal folk. Don’t ride in on your Gundam, looking twice the size of a normal human. There ain’t no reason for that.

I’ll tell ya, I ain’t ever inviting Joe Biden to my house. This nigga coming in XXL, looking like he’s about to steal someone’s beanstalk.

Later Joe’s gonna say “waddaya mean, ‘going big’? I went in there same size I always am, and if you don’t think so, maybe I’ll take you out behind the barn and jack you off!”

We seen you, Joe. We all seen you.

No way your usual self is a 12-footer.

Monster Truck Joe rolling in hot as a volcanic eruption, menacing the old folk.

His stupid wife went in big as well, trying to make poor Jimmy feel like a little man, self conscious of the fact his head is only half her size.

She scared the hell out of the poor man. He’s an old man, thinks he’s getting invaded by the Titans from Attack on Titan.

There ain’t nothing on this earth so disrespectful as going in on somebody large.

And Joe ain’t even bother to put on his mask going around those old folks.

Nigga be wearing his mask outside in the open air when he’s all by himself.

The only time he takes it off is when he’s hanging out with people who are nearly 100 years old.

He ain’t just going big – he’s going giga-big.

What did Jimmy Carter do to this man?