Joe Biden Can’t Even Fill a Small Room with Old People

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 3, 2019

There is no enthusiasm for greasy old “Joe the Licker.”

This campaign is basically like Hillary Clinton all over again, just without the boomer sentimentalism of “first female.”

At an event on Monday in Iowa, a campaign worker tried to get the old few dozen old folks in the audience to chant – I’m not sure why.

He would say “fire it up” and they would grumble “ready to go” in response.

It’s a very weird clip, and a slice of the confusion that is going around these days, where most everything that happens can be described simply as “inexplicable.”

At a separate event in another town in Iowa on Monday, he performed before a very small crowd.

You have to wonder if many of these people will even still be alive to vote in the primary in February. Most of them could clearly keel over at any minute and drop right out of the game.

Joe might be polling well, but it literally doesn’t matter. That is simply name recognition, and it is largely being driven by the blacks, who don’t want a woman or a homo in charge.

Support for him is going to collapse soon. Everyone knows that. And he might just collapse himself. The man is extremely old.

Donald Trump was the oldest president ever elected at 70, and Biden will be 78 later this year.

People are supposed to die at 70. And if you live to be 80, the last ten years are supposed to be spent in sorrow. It says it in the Bible.

Old people need to die or go labor in sorrow.

Have you seen Rudy out there threatening to sue Fox News?

This boomer rampage has gone completely off the rails.

And if the technology is there, they are going to refuse to go away when they’re 90, shuffling around like complete zombies, mumbling like Robert Mueller.

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