Joe Biden Calls Dog-Faced Woman Voter “Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier” When Asked About Iowa Failure

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 11, 2020

In New Hampshire on Monday, Joe Biden called a female voter a “lying dog-faced pony soldier” when she asked him why he performed so poorly in Iowa.

Insulting a woman on her appearance is probably the worst possible thing a Democrat politician – especially a white heterosexual male Democrat politician – can possibly do.

It doesn’t help that the woman actually has a dog face with a bit of pony.

Biden should learn from Jean-Luc Picard, and understand that as an elderly white man who used to be respected, his duty in the universe is simply to walk around being abused by empowered, angry women.

Of course, there is no evidence that the woman was angry, and it seemed to be a pretty legitimate question. Biden got a hard fourth place in the Iowa caucus. A lot of people would have dropped out after that finish.

The media is running cover for Biden, claiming that the people complaining about this on Twitter “think it was maybe mean” and “think the woman had a legitimate question.” In reality, the people flipping out on Twitter are simply outraged (outraged, I tell you) that any man would ever dare insult the physical appearance of a woman.

Probably, there are also some issues with calling a woman a liar, as you’re supposed to always “believe women,” and suggesting that a woman even has the ability to lie is some kind of a hate crime, I think.

And I mean, if we’re just being honest here, calling a woman a “dog-faced pony” is pretty nasty. I’m not saying I wouldn’t do that. But most people would not do that. Donald Trump was brutally attacked for saying of Carly Fiorina “look at that face.”

There were several factors that made this a lot less problematic than what Biden did.

Firstly, Trump is a right-winger.

Secondly, saying “look at that face” is not nearly as extreme as calling someone “dog-faced.”

Thirdly, Carly Fiorina has had extensive, brutal plastic surgery, and talking about that is a lot different than simply calling someone ugly right off (women in particular would have understood that he was talking about the plastic surgery and not her natural face).

Fourthly and most importantly, Carly Fiorina was a political opponent who was open for attacks, not a random person in the audience at a town hall event.

You can still argue that attacking a person’s appearance is inappropriate, and I have personally taken issue with Trump’s attacks on Bloomberg over his completely respectable and masculine height.

But to put this in another context, what if someone at a Trump event asked him why the wall hasn’t been built, and he said “shut up, you little midget! What are you five years old? Don’t we have an age limit on who gets the mic in this place?”

Further, imagine Trump lobbing any form of personal insult at a voter asking him a question. It just wouldn’t happen. The media talks about Joe Biden’s aggression against voters as “hypermasculinity,” when in fact it is the exact opposite. These sort of weird aggressive outbursts are pathetically feminine, in that they represent the stupidest form of petty anger left unchecked by poor impulse control.

This is probably going to be a big deal for Joe Biden. I didn’t think his senile moments would be, but this will be. Not that it even really matters, he’s already scheduled to come in fourth place again in New Hampshire, which will pretty much make his campaign completely nonviable, at which point he will be pressured to drop out and make room for Jew Bloomberg.

Biden’s campaign, when asked why he said this, told the media that “it was a joke” and that “dog-faced pony soldier” is a line from a John Wayne movie. However, I’ve never heard that line. And the media has been looking for it and been unable to find this line.

As far as it being a joke – “grab her by the pussy” was a joke! A lot more of an obvious joke than simply calling an unfortunately unattractive woman “dog faced” to her face, in public, during a campaign event.