Joe Biden Agrees to Defund the Cops If Elected President

Joe Biden has gone on the record saying that the police have “become the enemy” and need to be defunded.

Biden, who is 77 years old and completely senile, made the outrageous and inflammatory statements during an interview with a bizarre cripple on NowThisNews. Many have described the cripple, Ady Barkan, as “disgusting” and “repulsive.” The cripple spoke with an electronic voice, like the famous science cripple and profound pervert Stephen Hawking.

“These cripples shouldn’t be allowed to go around like this,” said one outraged viewer, adding, “this is disgusting.”

The cripple made aggressive demands of the demented Democrat presidential candidate, and Biden said he would do everything that the cripple wants, including defunding the police.

Experts believe that if Joe Biden is elected, he will use federal powers to disempower the police, which will allow for the mobs currently rioting, attacking people, tearing down statues and committing various types of arson against government buildings and private establishments to begin the killing.

“The police will be as crippled as Ady Barkan,” said Andrew Anglin, an expert on black people and Democrats. “You will call the police when the black mob is kicking in your door, and they won’t come.”

Anglin went on to explain that if you defend yourself, you will be charged with “murdering peaceful protesters.” However, if you do nothing to defend yourself and your family, and just simply die, your murder will not be investigated.

Furthermore, Anglin said, “they will use hate speech laws to punish anyone who talks about the fact you were murdered after it happens. It will be against the law to mourn the victims of the black mob.”

Many people are very worried about being slaughtered by the blacks under a Biden administration, and are planning to vote for Donald Trump to prevent this from happening. Others, however, are too stunned or too stupid to fully grasp the gravity of the situation, and do not realize what will happen if Joe Biden becomes president.