Jobbik’s Jew Csanad Szegedi to Speak in Montreal

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 2, 2013

Csanad Szegedi
It is now obvious to everyone that he is a total Jew.

The former MP from the Hungarian Antisemitic nationalist party Jobbik, Csanad Szegedi, who found out he was a Jew and all of the sudden decided the Jews were right and the Holocaust was real, is scheduled to speak in Canada.  He was invited by the Jewish organization Chabad.  Though apparently not all Jews are happy about it.

From the Jewish Telegraph Agency:

When Szegedi discovered in 2011 that he has a maternal Jewish grandmother, who was an Auschwitz survivor, the Jobbik party ousted him and he made contact with Chabad representatives in Hungary.

Last month, a local Hungarian-Jewish Holocaust survivor, Paul Herczeg, and fellow countryman Peter Sipos, spent 90 minutes meeting with Chabad of Westmount leader Rabbi Yossi Shanowitz in an attempt to disinvite Szedegi, to no avail, the Canadian Jewish News reported.

Szegedi’s detractors charge that his denunciation of Jobbik is insincere and that he only embraced his Jewish identity after he tried, and failed, to suppress the news through bribery.

Sipos told the newspaper that Szegedi would be far more credible if he publicly condemned his one-time fascism in the European Parliament, where he sits as a member.

Chabad points out that Szegedi has proved himself by undergoing ritual circumcision and following Jewish practices.”Today, despite many attempts to discredit him, Mr. Szegedi, a member of the European Parliament, has dedicated himself to speak out against facism and anti-Semitism in Hungary and Eastern Europe,” reads Chabad of Westmount’s website.

His talk is entitled, “My Journey From Hater to Fighter of Hatred.”