Joaquin Phoenix Wins Oscar, Gives Kook Speech About Raping Cows

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 10, 2020

Joker was a good movie, but half-Jewish Joaquin Phoenix is literally insane. He won the Oscar for Best Actor at the Academy Awards Sunday night, and went ahead and gave a speech about veganism, claiming that cows are raped so you can drink your coffee.

It is pretty darn nuts that we’ve as a society decided to grant actors the ability to influence society on the scale that we have. “Actor” is literally the lowest form of life. And even a good actor shouldn’t be celebrated as anything other than a good actor.

And yet, we’ve decided that what these people say is important. Although “cow rape” goes a bit far, many things that were said last night will be taken seriously by the population.

People legitimately believe in this feminist nonsense, mainly because it is promoted by celebrities. In recent years, the Academy has decided to attack itself for being sexist, and there was a claim that due to their sexism, they “snubbed” many women this year.

The show had no comedy host, because I guess that is now too triggering, but before the show, Chris Rock was allowed to speak and told audiences that there were not enough vaginas.

Jew actor Natalie Portman wore a dress with the names of all “snubbed” females on it.

Brad Pitt, who isn’t even political, decided to give a shout-out to John Bolton.

It was about John Bolton not testifying at the impeachment trial, so I guess it was intended to be in support of our greatest ally on earth: the Ukraine. Brad Pitt stays up at night tossing and turning, concerned about their democracy.

It would have been funnier if he would have shouted out John Bolton with: “BOLTON WAS RIGHT! WAR IN IRAN!” I think he would have gotten just as many claps.

Comedian Josh Gad, who is in Frozen 2, used the opportunity of his stage appearance to attack “climate deniers” with a joke that didn’t make sense and wouldn’t be funny if it did. He said that “climate deniers” call it “Not Frozen 2.”

The worst part about this is that there are no regulations on the industry, so the Jews are allowed to run a monopoly and force out anyone they dislike.

People have said before that “artists tend to be left-wing,” but this isn’t even actually true. Maybe it is true that if you have a room of artists, 60% will be leftist and 40% rightist, but the people who control Hollywood are 100% Jewish, so Americans who have traditional American values are represented at 0% in the entertainment media.

It is simply that the people with right-wing, Christian beliefs – like Mel Gibson – do not have any voice at all. Mel is better than all of these directors, and he isn’t allowed to make films with a major studio.

Clint Eastwood is allowed to make major films still, but he’s 100 years old and the Oscars just keeps snubbing him.

We used to have the likes of John Wayne and John Hughes at the height of Hollywood, now we aren’t even allowed to have Tim Allen or Roseanne Barr on stupid sitcoms.

The entire goal of the entertainment industry is to crush any form of independent thought. These Jews have even flooded the video game industry, after normal people retreated there.

More importantly than having all of these actors lecture you on all of this Jew bullshit, the fact is that all of the media that is produced is pushing these agendas, subliminally changing the belief systems of the people who consume it, getting it in line with the dominant Jewish zeitgeist, which all people are required to adhere to under the ruthless and anti-human system of democracy, where no individuality of thought is permitted.

It’s sad and there is nothing we can do about it, but it is important to understand how control over the entertainment media is even more important than control over the news media in pushing this brutal Jewish agenda on the people.

Basically,ย Bong Joon-ho won most of the awards for his film Parasite, which I did not see. It’s a Korean film that is actually in Korean, so I suppose that is probably better than anything Hollywood is producing. I guess more and more of these international films are going to be taking to the forefront due to the creative bankruptcy of Hollywood.

Bong directed the English language film Snowpiercer, which was kind of good, so I guess this is good that he won? I don’t know, I don’t really care.

In other Oscar news relevant to your interests, the Polynesian Jew Taika Waititi won “Best Adapted Screenplay” for JoJo Rabbit, yet another filming mocking the evil mustache man.

Imagine that in 80 years, they’ll still be making films like this.

And also they’ll be making films about evil orange man.

Jews will be giving each other awards for it.

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