JK Rowling Says That Voldemort was “A Nationalist” and Supported Brexit

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 24, 2019

JK Rowling has been going back and changing the identities of the characters in her Harry Potter series for a while now.

She made one or more of them gay.

Now she’s saying that the bad guy is a Brexit-supporting Nazi.

Daily Mail:

JK Rowling has described wizard villain Lord Voldemort as a ‘nationalist’ and says her Harry Potter books deal with racism.

The author – who was subjected to abuse by nationalist Scots during the 2014 independence referendum – described her ‘Dark Lord’ creation as an ‘authoritarian’.

Appearing on the Christmas special of Radio 4’s The Museum of Curiosity, she also said she has repeatedly refused to work with the Government on literacy initiatives because she does not want pupils to be forced to read her books.

Asked about studies which had found those who read her Potter books had more empathy and tolerance, the 54-year-old replied: ‘Obviously those themes are deeply embedded within the books. Ideas of being different, racism is obviously there in allegorical form, as totalitarianism is there, because Voldemort is obviously an authoritarian. I wouldn’t say he’s a populist, but he’s a kind of nationalist.

I don’t know the story, so I don’t know what he would be a nationalist of, or when any analogy to Brexit would come up in the story of a war of wizards.

Probably, Rowling is just trying to get in the news for something other than saying “men can’t be women,” which she said, and which is going to be a very hard thing to get anyone to forget her saying. Because that is something you are definitely not allowed to say in current year.

I have no idea why she would think it was a good idea to say that.

It’s much better to stick to promoting anal sex and attacking evil Brexit Nazis.

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