JK Rowling Keeps Retroactively Adding Butt Seks Into Harry Potter Lore

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 20, 2019

Harry Potter author JK Rowling is the absolute epitome of the living breathing cancer known as the modern Western White woman.

She’s changed Hermione into a black and now claims that she was always black…

That dumb crusty old bitch isn’t fooling anybody

And basically, she wants to retroactively make every character she plagiarised or had ghost-written for her into a nigger and a gay.

NY Post:

As has become her habit, the British scribe dropped another retroactive bombshell about her canonical series this week, this one about powerful wizard Albus Dumbledore’s sexual history. While the author has long maintained that the Hogwarts headmaster is gay, this is the first time she’s talked about his past … er, experiences.

Via the Twitter account The Rowling Library, the author revealed Sunday that the love once shared between Dumbledore and rival wizard Gellert Grindelwald — a major plot point in her series of Potter prequels, “Fantastic Beasts” — was indeed “intense,” “passionate” and “sexual.”

For many Potter readers, it’s time for Rowling’s Twitter TMI to stop. Because these new details don’t appear in the books, critics say it feels like the author is now committed to writing her own fan fiction. 

Probably because she didn’t write any of the books from Goblet of Fire onwards. But that’s just my pet theory. Shit got real PC and Jewish really fast with the whole KKK wizard story arc kicking into high gear for the next 4 books.

In general though, it has to be said, Harry Potter is a fucking scam.

I’m not even going to go the specifics of the plagiarism or the fact that Rowling wasn’t even writing the last books on her own.

Well, alright.

Let me just mention that literally every single concept in Harry Potter was borrowed from other far less successful books about young wizards and then just mashed together.

I kid you not. Every. Single. Detail. 

Every name, every main plot point, every memorable scene… all of it lifted from 80s and 90s paperbacks that Rowling was reading on the side. And it wasn’t even a *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink* homage to another writer who may have inspired Rowling. Because writers do that all the time. They drop little clues to other works of literature that inspired them in their books. However they do not straight-up just steal the names of primary and secondary characters, rewrite scene for scene and reuse the same fantasy setting.

Not unless they’re JK Rowling that is.

But on a more general level, children’s books are a complete scam because children don’t buy books. Their parents buy them books. And who tells the parents what books to buy?

Why, the media, of course. 

The first Harry Potter book didn’t make waves. Neither did the second or the third. Then all of a sudden, everyone is waiting in lines at midnight with their parents at the Barnes and Nobles/Borders for the fourth.

Right around the time that the media decided to promote the idea of a struggling single-mum writing her stories on stolen napkins because she couldn’t afford paper?

Remember that bullshit media campaign? I sure do. They got me and my Oprah-watching mum hook-line-sinker.

All of a sudden, Scholastic starts a media blitz campaign, gives Harry Potter a stunning hardcover and tells every single parent that this book will get their kid reading – and who doesn’t want that?

All this is to say that Rowling was chosen. 

She was and still remains, a media project.

Back then, she was just a feel-good heart-tugging human interest story sold to suburban mums by the media to get them to pity buy the Harry Potter books for their kids.

The media’s original investment is paying dividends because of how willing she is to go above the call of duty and retroactively insert whatever propaganda is fashionable in the Currenty Year retroactively into her work.

Fucking crusty old hack bitch makes me so mad, I swear.