JK Rowling Banned from Harry Potter 20-Year Reunion Because She Said That Stuff About Trannies

People forget that JK Rowling once tweeted a link to the Daily Stormer.

She is actually pretty hardcore. Aside from the tranny thing, she also refused to fire Johnny Depp when he was being domestic abuse hoaxed by his whore wife.

I do wish that she would come out against the vax. She is obviously pretty much on board with the entire right-wing agenda at this point. The way this works is that when you take issue with something like trannies, all of a sudden the entire paradigm comes unglued, and you have no choice but to go all.

The only reason the media hasn’t completely dumped Harry Potter, banned it and memory holed it, is because so many millennials who are on the front lines of the Anal Overload/Virus Hoax (yes, it’s the same thing) are attached to it. The Jews are not yet comfortable informing these people that “everything you love will burn.”


The stars of the Harry Potter films will reunite for a 20-year anniversary special on HBO, minus author JK Rowling. Fans and commenters wondered if Rowling’s absence had anything to do with her views on transgender issues.

‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ premiered 20 years ago this week, catapulting actors Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson to superstardom. Warner Bros announced on Tuesday that the three stars – ​​as well as a whole range of supporting actors from the franchise – will travel back to Hogwarts for an “enchanting making-of story” airing on New Year’s Day, entitled ‘Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts’.

Conspicuously absent from the production is author JK Rowling. A Warner Bros’ press release made no mention of Rowling, and a lengthy Instagram post by actress Emma Watson thanked fans and fellow cast members, but also made no mention of Rowling, whom other Harry Potter actors said they “owe everything” to.

Rowling’s PR team did not comment on the author’s absence, and the Hollywood Reporter claimed that the author will only appear in the show in archival footage.

Commentators online reckoned that Rowling had been canceled from the retrospective special due to her high-profile clashes with transgender activists. A self-described feminist, Rowling has spoken out against gender-neutral language, arguing that it “erases” the concept of sex and therefore the concept of womanhood.

I am not one to defend women, and actually I think this whole thing of reclassifying women as “bio holes” is hilarious. However, it is just obviously true that women are being erased – actually, the fact that they are tolerating this is exactly why I think they deserve it.

Ultimately, this is an agenda to completely destroy the natural order. They buttered women up to completely sacrifice themselves, and women remain too stupid to acknowledge that fact. If every feminist was coming out and bashing trannies, I would have to respect them for being consistent – but there is no consistency, and no honesty in this doctrine. Anyway, I doubt Rowling actually believes in feminism at this point, as it is just so obvious that the doctrine leads directly to this situation.

If you’re one of the one-in-a-million women who can work through information logically, then you’re going to have to admit that 999,999 out of a million can’t do that, and therefore the concept of women’s rights is purely destructive.

Millennials should remember those “radical idea” memes from the 00s era of smug atheism.

They took (at the time) radical leftist positions and simplified them in a way that was easily consumed by moron and midwit alike.


Obviously, anyone of a certain IQ level is just going to giggle at these memes, as they are so clearly intended to reduce complex social issues to a snappy snip.

But here’s the thing: can you imagine them doing this meme for trannies?

It’s funny but the reason it is funny is that it’s true.