Jimmy Dore Says Progressives Shouldn’t Vote for Shill Biden

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 13, 2020

Leftist YouTuber Jimmy Dore, formerly of The Young Turks, basically called TYT Supreme Leader Cenk Unghur a shill for promoting the idea of voting for the Democrat nominee no matter what.

He is basically saying outright that as a Bernie Sanders supporter, he is going to protest the election.

Ultimately, he ends up making a lot of the exact same arguments that I make when arguing for the abolishment of universal suffrage democracy, which is a failed system where you are bullied by the media into voting against the other guy instead of for your own guy.

Both sides engage in extreme fear-mongering.

In 2016, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders became the first two candidates in my lifetime who people actually wanted to vote for because they believed in what they were saying. This year, Bernie is alone in that category, as Trump, having failed to do any of the things he promised to do, is running a purely negative campaign, attacking the alleged “socialism of the left,” and putting all voters who believe in actual issues in a position of “I’ll vote for Donald Trump because I’m scared of gun control and high taxes.”

Jimmy Dore even gives one of my very regular talking points: the Democrats don’t really care about beating Donald Trump and they don’t really lose anything if he wins.

However, he fails to push things to the obvious conclusion: even if all populist right-wingers and left-wingers refused to vote in elections, normies would still vote in elections, and the corporate Democrat/corporate Republican establishment would still maintain power. What that means is that none of us have any power at all, that this system exists independent from what the people actually think.

Which means that the system has failed. It is now totally incapable of delivering on any of the promises of “democracy,” because democracy was never intended to deliver anything other than permanent rule by an entrenched bureaucracy, which uses the universal suffrage system to put blame on the victims of this system, which are the masses of people.

And the other elephant in the room is: Donald Trump, the populist candidate of the right, actually won the 2016 election and was incapable of changing anything. Even though I’m sure Jimmy Dore didn’t agree with all of Donald Trump’s platform, he would have to admit that none of it was fulfilled.

Donald Trump said he was going to:

  • End the wars in the Middle East
  • Stop mass immigration
  • Build a wall on the southern border
  • Round up and deport millions of illegal immigrants
  • Make friends with Russia

We all know that none of that happened.

You can try to say that Donald Trump sold people out, or he’s dumb, or whatever, but the fact is a billionaire outsider got elected against the will of the entire political establishment, and within two years it was clear that he was completely incapable of changing anything at all about the system, so it was back to business as usual.

So, you can talk about the whole two party corporate controlled system, and you should talk about it, but the fact is that we now know that even if you manage to beat that system, your vote does not count.

From Jimmy Dore’s way of speaking on the matter, you can clearly see that he has lost faith in the system, but he is incapable of going all the way and stating the entire facts of the matter. And the facts of the matter are not simply that it doesn’t matter if his people refuse to vote for Joe Biden. The facts of the matter are also that even if Bernie somehow wins, none of the stuff he is talking about doing is actually going to happen. Bernie would break quicker than Trump. As Jimmy Dore knows and won’t ever say, Bernie has already broken and endorsed all of this dumb identity politics nonsense that he spent his entire career opposing. He was already in his 70s in 2015, having spent his entire life being against open borders, but decided to embrace open borders because the media bullied him. He’s now talking about all of the black and gay stuff as well, which Jimmy Dore knows is dumb.

But the bottom line to all of it, the hardest of the facts, is what all of this implies, which is that we do not have a problem of not enough democracy, we have a problem of too much democracy. Universal suffrage is on its face dumb to begin with, but combining universal suffrage with an ultra sophisticated technological propaganda mechanism in the form of the media makes the concept absolutely absurd.

I think it’s good if Bernie Bros protest the vote in November due to the nomination of Joe Biden. Not because it actually does anything, but because it brings them closer to realizing that the system is irredeemable.