Jim Jordan Owned Jew Cohen with Facts and Logic, Jew Triggered

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 1, 2019

I just got around to watching some of the Wednesday Congressional hearing with Trump’s backstabbing Jew lawyer Michael Cohen.

The Jew literally said that he turned on Trump because of Charlottesville.

The whole hearing was just Republicans calling out Cohen as a tricky Jew criminal, implying that this means that nothing he says can be considered true. This is the correct way to deal with his Jew lies.

The funniest thing was that they kept yielding their time to Jim Jordan, who was just crushing this Jew.

The Jew lashed out.

Jim Jordan is basically Joseph Goebbels.


Jim Jordan even brought in visual aids to show the people what a tricky kike this Jew is.

Jordan is now calling for Cohen to be charged with perjury for his lying Jewish testimony. He lied about not wanting to work for the Trump administration.

Peter Schiff says he bolstered his credibility by lying.

On the Democrat side, the highlight was Tlaib Rashida calling white people racists because of something with a black witness.

She turned the whole thing into a whiny POC shitshow. Which put some of the whites on edge.

Well, you traitors could have stopped the Islamification of Congress, but you did not. You Republicans allowed this takeover. So deal with it.

I personally think it’s funny.