Jiggaboos Carjack Pregnant White Mother and Threaten to Shoot Her in the Stomach

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
January 25, 2018

The kid is fine but was born prematurely.

These jiggaboos need to be shipped off to Kenya or wherever and try their luck with the cannibal tribes.


A young mother hasn’t been out of her apartment at night since last month. Her routine changed when she was carjacked after returning with her three children from Christmas shopping.

She asked only her first name be used. Elizabeth said several men were on the sidewalk. She was getting packages from the shopping trip out of the family car, when she said a man approached her from behind and grabbed her keys.

Today, HPD released security video from the following day, when the stolen car was wrecked and abandoned.

Police said the suspects pointed a gun at the pregnant woman’s stomach and could have possibly murdered her and her unborn child.