Jez Turner: No More Space to Flee to – Lunar House Demonstration

Radio Aryan
December 30, 2015

A BNP spekaer makes a 'Queneele', a racist gesture, at the BNP 'No More Immigration' protest outside Lunar House, the UK Visas and Immigration HQ in Croydon.
Jez Turner gives the quenelle to the Antifa outside Lunar House.

Jez Turner rouses the masses and harangues the Antifa with a speech against immigration outside Lunar House in London.

Lunar House – The asylum centre known locally as the loony bin, where any Mo, Ahmed or Mohammed who wants to come and live in the UK gets their application processed.

The so-called refugees, the whiners and the whingers demanding their ‘rights’ to replace our people, flying in on their privately hired jets to Sweden and Stansted.

Complaining of delays at the border and cut fingers on the fence, claiming their right to a free house, free training, free health care and of course, a large cash allowance.

Negroes, Bushmen, Bantus, Arabs, Chinamen, all are welcome to come and live in Britain, even Jewish mafioso from Russia.

But one group of people are not allowed to settle here and that group are White people from South Africa or Rhodesia.

Even if they are of British heritage, they will not allowed in, because they don’t fit the agenda, they don’t fit the secret plan.

The plan to replace the White race.

Well Jez Turner has a plan as well, a plan to demolish the asylum centre and build a new structure in its stead, called the John Tyndall House for repatriation.

Speech by Jez Turner

Jez Turner: No More Space to Flee to – Lunar House Demonstration

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