Jez Turner: A Plea to Nationalists in the Ukraine

Radio Aryan
January 1, 2016

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Jez Turner

Jez Turner speaks outside the Ukrainian embassy in the hopes of encouraging peace between the two White brothers currently at war.

A nationalist should be a nationalist for all nationalists and a patriot for all patriots.

Each race must not only have it’s own territorial space, but it must also have control over that space.

This is the territorial imperative.  It is Nature’s way and it is the only way.

For this reason we should be against NATO and against Internationalism, all Internationalism but one.

International Nationalism is the only type of Internationalism that a nationalist could ever support.

All empires are wrong no matter who claims ownership of them, for empires destroy nations, cultures, traditions and religions.

They destroy race and they destroy identity.

For this reason, the American Empire is our enemy.

If you do not accept chewing gum, gay sex and Monsanto, they will bomb you.

If you will not allow your nation to be ruled by a Jewish elite, they will bomb you.

If you have a decent state that cares about it’s people, then they will create bloody anarchy and start a fake revolution just like the ones in Syria and in Libya.

In fact if you want to see who the good guys are, just take a look at who America is bombing.

The Americans themselves are decent, law-abiding and God-fearing people, but their government is made up of Jews and Zionists applying a Jewish agenda for creating a New World Order of slave states subservient to the Jews.

This New World Order is one that includes the Ukraine.

There were 3 revolutions in the Ukraine, one in Kiev, one in Crimea and one in Eastern Ukraine.

So why then, was only one of them supported by our media in the West?

Speech by Jez Turner

Jez Turner: A Plea to Nationalists in the Ukraine

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