Jews Target Tulsi Gabbard for Working With “Neo-Nazis” to Arrange Assad Meeting

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 28, 2017

As if exposing Israeli and (((“American”))) support for ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Syria wasn’t anti-Semitic enough, Hawaii Democratic Representative Tulsi Gabbard’s recent trip to Syria was coordinated by high ranking members of Syria’s “Neo-Nazis”:  the Syrian Social-Nationalist Party (SSNP). The SSNP is part of a coalition government with the quasi-NS Ba’athists of Bashar Al-Assad, with the distinction being a more racially-oriented (Ba’athists are more civic nationalist) worldview that focuses on the Phoenician origins and Greek/Hellenic influence on the people of Syria and Lebanon.

Gabbard’s been pinging loudly on Goydars for the past year, however. At any other time, these connections and this trip would’ve gotten Gabbard in big trouble (including targeting from Menorah-lighting cuckservatives).

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the Trump era.

The Daily Beast:

Tulsi Gabbard, the self-styled “progressive” Hawaiian congresswoman makes no secret of her recent trip to Damascus to meet Bashar al-Assad. But, as an outspoken opponent of what she presents as America’s pro-terrorist foreign policy, Gabbard certainly accepted some strange companions on what her fellow lawmakers are calling a disgraceful reputation-laundering tour of a bloody dictatorship.

Gabbard, as her own office has disclosed, took her “fact-finding” trip with a delegation of two men who are affiliated with an anti-Semitic political party accused of using female suicide bombers; of beating up Western and Arab journalists; helping U.S.-designated terrorist organization Hezbollah and the U.S.-sanctioned Syrian regime wage war in the Levant.

And did we mention the party’s ideology and flag take their inspiration from Nazism.

Gabbard initially declined to say who financed her trip to Syria. However, in a press release Wednesday Gabbard revealed her delegation (which also included former Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich) had been “led and sponsored by” an outfit called the Arab American Community Center for Economic and Social Services (AACCESS—Ohio). Her statement added she and the rest of the delegation had been accompanied by two men, Elie and Bassam Khawam.

In truth, Bassam and Elie Khawam are both officials in the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), a political party and paramilitary organization founded in Lebanon in 1932, and currently actively engaged in the Syrian civil war on the side of the Assad regime.

According to the SSNP website, Elie enjoys a senior position in the politburo; “Chief of Cross-Border Affairs;” while Bassam was given the honor of presenting Syria’s ambassador to the UN, Bashar al-Ja`fari, with a gift and a toast at a New York dinner in 2015. The pair, in other words, are two of the key U.S.-based point men for the party—and, by extension, the Syrian dictatorship.

On its home turf of Lebanon, the SSNP is known for many things, peace advocacy not being one of them. Highlights of the party’s activities since its founding include assassinating the first Lebanese prime minister, Riad al-Solh, in 1951; and participating in the brief civil war of 1958 as well as its much less-brief successor from 1975-90, during which period they earned the distinction of recruiting Lebanon’s first female suicide bomber, 16-year-old Sana’ Mehaidli, who drove an explosives-laden Peugeot into a convoy of Israeli troops in 1985.

When the Syrian uprising began in 2011, it fell to the SSNP to violently disperse anti-regime demonstrators outside the Syrian embassy in Beirut, using “fists, sticks, and belts.” Most recently, the party has dispatched an estimated 6,000-8,000 fighters to the Syrian battlefield to help the Assad regime annihilate its opponents, to whom the SSNP officially refers as the “Jews of the interior” and “an essential arm of the racist Jewish enemy.”

If those charming references to Jews seem incongruous at face value (one doesn’t typically find many in Lattakia or Homs provinces these days), they are slightly less so once one understands the SSNP’s ideology, which blends the fascism of 1930s Europe with a junk eugenical-historical theory about a “Greater Syrian” race whose ancestral homeland extends, as the party’s Facebook page explains, from “the Zagros mountains in the north-east” through modern Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Israel/Palestine to “the Sinai peninsula” in the west, even incorporating Cyprus.

As the late author Samir Kassir wrote in his celebrated history of the Lebanese capital, Beirut: “From Hitlerite Germany [Sa`adeh] borrowed the symbolism and rituals of the SSNP, based on the National Socialist model: the party’s emblem, a red vortex on a white ground framed in black that recreated the spiral motion of the swastika; the martial salute, arm outstretched; the cult of the leader (Za`im), though ‘Heil Hitler’ gave way to the impersonal exhortation “Tahya Surya” (Long Live Syria); and the paramilitary organization, supplemented by a glorification of violence.”

Gabbard herself is a unique figure in progressive circles. While she generated a lot of left-wing cred by resigning from the Democratic National Committee to back Bernie Sanders during the presidential campaign, she also holds a series of positions that Donald Trump backers can back. She is wishy-washy on gun control, opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and pals around with right-wing Republican casino mogul and hawkish pro-Israel advocate Sheldon Adelson.

And after the presidential election, Gabbard was the first Democrat to meet with President-Elect Donald Trump, going to Trump Tower in New York to press a piece of legislation she authored, called the Stop Arming Terrorists Act, which would help halt CIA and federal government’s activities in Syria by requiring the Director of National Intelligence to determine that federal funds not go to groups cooperating with al-Qaeda or ISIS.

How much longer can Jews enforce their politics of “guilt by association”? A trip like Gabbard’s, which was approved by the House, was taken in order to advance the Gentile American population’s interest in Syria, which is to bring an end to hostilities and let the Syrian people get on with their lives.

The breakdown of political partisanship, the gradually increasing irrelevance of what Jews demand and the transcendence of ideology that is currently unfolding is a net win for National Socialists all over the world. The new era of nationalism will certainly reshape the two poles and redefine the center on the spectrum, with fresh eyes and new ideas not predicated on Jewish power, but instead concern for what is right (which is intrinsically anti-Semitic).

Last year the SSNP hosted a delegation of MEPs from Golden Dawn, Forza Nuova, and NPD intended to educate and hopefully begin to stop the Judeo-Western meddling in Syria. The organization has expressed solidarity and eagerness to work with nationalists in the West against the machinations of our common Jewish enemy.