Jews Shut Down “Stop the Steal” Anti-Fraud Facebook Group

I told you Facebook was under no circumstances going to allow you to organize and oppose electoral fraud.

CBS News:

A Facebook group with the goal of spreading election misinformation and inciting violence had grown to over 350,000 members on Thursday. Now, Facebook has shut it down. 

Supporters of President Donald Trump launched the “Stop the Steal” group this week to organize protests against the presidential election, which has yet to be called as of midday Friday. Some members called for violence, and many spread misinformation, including baseless claims that Democrats are trying to “steal” the election.

A Facebook spokesperson said the platform was also concerned because the group was organizing in-person events.

The group was shut down as a result of calls from the Jewish “Center for Countering Digital Hate.”

Literally “It has to be shut down”:

The Jews then gloated about their victory:

You thought when Jews said “hate speech,” they were talking about people that hate them. Nope. They are talking about “speech Jews hate,” which of course includes support for Donald Trump.

After their success with that, the Jews are continuing to demand more shutdowns related to groups trying to counter media narratives about the election.

They want The Gateway Pundit shut down:

Social media companies, and Google and other backbone services, are going to shut down all pro-Trump material in the coming days and weeks. They now follow whatever these various Jewish “anti-hate” groups tell them to do.

Think about it: After this election hoax, we have more goyim knowing than ever before, which means we’re going to have more shutting down than ever before.

I hope you’ve figured out alternative networks of communication.