Jews Shut Down Funding Program for First Amendment Charity

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2017

Jewish intimidation groups are in a wild frenzy ever since we were able to raise money for wrongfully terminated patriot Tony Hovater. He was able to raise at least $8,000 dollars, which provoked rage and disbelief from the international Jew!

Last interview I did with Tony, he said he has reached an outpouring of support, including from people who don’t share all of his beliefs. Jew mad bro?

Both the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League are trying to pressure domain hosts and registrars to shut down free speech crowdfunding platforms like Goy Fund Me and Hatreon. Their push cohencides with large coordinated DDoS attacks from certain (((hackers))) against alt-tech. I’m sure the ADL and SPLC know nothing about this!

But this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. Even 501(c)(3)s dedicated to protecting free speech are getting no platformed by private companies.

Both the ADL and SPLC successfully convinced their friends at Amazon to ban the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas from their Amazon Smiles program. You see, Jews live by the Elliot Rodger philosophy of needing to ask them for permission before donating your own money to a charity of your choice.


It probably seemed like an easy way to raise funds for the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas (FMI).

FMI created a charity profile on through the Amazon Smile program and pulled 0.5 percent of some purchases toward alt-right causes.

But, the online retailer put an end to the cash collections by white nationalist attorney Kyle Bristow. As of Wednesday, Amazon shut down FMI’s donation collections by making it ineligible to take part in the charity fundraising program.

Amazon posted a message saying FMI was “no longer eligible” for the program and any funds donated could be redirected to another charity.

It isn’t known how much money the organization, run by Bristow as the legal arm of the alt-right, made from Amazon’s charity fundraising outlet. But, Bristow, in a tweet Wednesday morning, said it wasn’t much.

“It appears @amazon doesn’t like civil rights groups which advocate for the First Amendment!,” wrote Bristow, who has represented alt-right figures in lawsuits around the country. “0.5% of the purchase price of a cheap Chinese product is very nominal.”

Amazon’s move is the latest by online companies and social media to drop, block and decertify figures from the alt-right.

The move brings Amazon in line with PayPal, which agreed to block at least 34 organizations from using its services after an SPLC report highlighted how extremists used the platform to fund the rally in Charlottesville, Patreon and others in dropping racists and white nationalists from their platforms.

The only thing the FMI does is take up First Amendment causes the Jewish litigation group ACLU refuses to take up.

This is very different from what the SPLC does, which is to list the names and personal information of political dissidents with inflammatory and usually inaccurate biographies. Jews at the SPLC even get Christian churches banished from the Smiles program. Merry Christmas, goyim!

Building a legal organization that can help protect actual dissidents (not fags trying to force Christians to cater their gay pretend marriage) is of vital importance in this age of almost unprecedented repression.

If you’re giving money to Lauren Southern, you are taking money from the FMI and underground crime think like The Daily Stormer. Support activists, art projects, and subscribe to as much alt-media (TRS, Red Ice, etc) as you can. If we don’t continue to find new and creative ways to defend ourselves from Jewish hegemony, their plan to wipe us from the face of the earth will go on.

They will kill the West in its sleep!

Donate to FMI

Kyle Bristow is doing God’s work, and anything you can throw his way is money you can be certain is going to the right place.

To donate to FMI, please mail a check or money order made out to “Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas, Inc.” to:

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Please be sure to include your name and mailing address with your donation so that a tax-deductible donation receipt can be mailed back to you.

Alternatively, payment by credit card can be made via the website of GuideStar—which rates FMI as a platinum participant.  (The only donation feature is immediately below the header and above the taskbar.)

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