Jews Say White People are Using the Coronavirus to Make People Hate Them

Listen, Jews: you are doing a good enough job making people hate you.

No one needs a “conspiracy theory” – all they have to do is point to what you’ve done, what you admit to doing, what you brag about doing.

Cleveland Jewish News:

Far-right activists and white supremacists have used the coronavirus pandemic to spread anti-Semitic rhetoric and conspiracy theories, according to a report released this month by the American Jewish Congress.

“As the coronavirus crisis spreads, white supremacists and far-right activists are weaponizing the pandemic to repackage and spread racist tropes. Online and offline, we have seen antisemitic conspiracy theories thrive and run wild,” stated the organization in the report’s executive summary. “Oddly enough, those theories and allegations, extreme and bizarre as they are, though developed and mostly present on the extreme fringe, are echoed to some extent in mainstream and moderated social media channels.”

“Jews and Israel alike are the main targets of these racist outburst. White supremacists claim that Jews either spread the disease or created the virus in order to increase their control over the population growth, profit from it financially or even politically,” continued AJCongress. “Israel is being charged with developing the virus, portrayed as a country which already has a vaccine but it holds its release in order to further exploit the situation.”

What about the factual claim that it is just the flu and the Jewish media hyped up a fake pandemic to destroy the white middle class in America?

That isn’t a theory, it is just a statement of fact.

Is that one getting spread at all, Jews?

If so, why are you only reporting on stupid theories?

The report called out a neo-Nazi and white-supremacist group on the secure messaging channel Telegram called the Sternenkrone Division, which was established on Jan. 16 and has 443 followers. The group has its own pages on other platforms including Minds, Gab and Bitchute.

One post stated, “If you have the bug give a hug. Spread the flu to every Jew.”

Oh my, yet another Atomwaffen spinoff for the Jews to write articles about.

They are always the first to report on these juicy little bits from the various Atomwaffen and Atomwaffen spinoff Discord servers, and one really has to wonder if they are just writing this stuff themselves. Obviously, if they’re not writing it, they would write it if no one else was, because they sure do love reporting on it.

They used to quote the Daily Stormer. Then they figured out they looked like retards quoting obvious jokes. So they started quoting these dumb groups no one but them even knows about.

Really makes you think.