Jews Say That Chinese Treatment of Moslems is Like the Holocaust

What isn’t like the Holocaust these days, I wonder?

To be fair, this isn’t really like the Holocaust. The Moslems in China do not have swimming pools, an orchestra or a brothel. It’s kind of insulting to the suffering of these hajis to claim their situation is like the Holocaust.

Jewish Journal:

Board of Deputies of British Jews President Marie van der Zyl wrote a letter to Chinese Ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming, stating that his government’s treatment of Uighur Muslims is analogous to Nazi Germany.

The July 20 letter noted that the similarities include “people being forcibly loaded on to trains; beards of religious men being trimmed; women being sterilized; and the grim specter of concentration camps.”

“China risks squandering its achievements and sabotaging its own legacy if it fails to learn the lessons of history,” van der Zyl added. “The World will neither forgive nor forget a genocide against the Uyghur people.”

The letter concluded with a call for the Chinese government to release Uighur Muslims from the concentration camps and allow the camps to be investigated.

“The world is watching,” van der Zyl wrote. “The hand of history is poised. For its future, China has a choice between great glory and eternal shame. Let it choose the former.”

Yeah but what if literally no one cares if the Chinese put Moslems in camps?

What if not one single person one earth who isn’t a Jew or a Moslem would ever do anything but chuckle when they heard, “China is putting Moslems in concentration camps and making them sit on the grass and sing songs”?


The Jews are really pushing for a war with China.

Pompeo the Hutt is happy to oblige them.