Jews Report That “Night Confusion Units” are Doing Mysterious Things

The Middle East is suffering from a pandemic of a deadly virus. Unfortunately, there’s no vax for Jews, so the only way to overcome them is through herd immunity and night confusion squads

Oh wow.

The poor Jews.

Times of Israel:

Hundreds of Palestinians demonstrated on the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel on Tuesday for a fourth straight night of riots.

Gazans from so-callednight confusion units set tires alight and rolled them toward soldiers stationed along the frontier, and lobbed improvised explosives, in a repeat of violence seen along the border the previous three nights.

As Israeli troops responded, the Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza said that one Palestinian was moderately wounded from Israel Defense Forces live fire.

There was no immediate comment from the IDF and no reports of injuries on the Israeli side.

The “night confusion units” behind the border riots do not officially tie themselves to Hamas, though their activities could not take place without the approval of the terror group that rules the Strip.

“Night confusion units” sounds suspiciously like some kind of Midnight Jew Crew.

Of course, Hamas as a group is inextricably linked to the Mossad, so even if the leadership was ordering it, it wouldn’t really mean anything.

For whatever reason, the Jews insist on nonstop fighting with their neighbors. I would think this strategy has run its course, but apparently they don’t think that.

Twenty years ago today – on this day, in 2001, just before 911 happened – I wrote a screenplay for a Batman movie that was never made where Batman goes insane from thinking about his dead parents and starts forming night confusion units and midnight Jew crews to wreck the streets of Gotham. Then, of course, the Joker has plastic surgery to become Bruce Wayne. Because he knows that Batman is Bruce Wayne and no one else does, so he can take over the Wayne Enterprise empire.

Unfortunately for the Joker, as he takes on the face of Wayne, living his life, having impactful talks with Alfred… the Joker becomes less evil because of it and by the end of Act II he’s not even evil at all anymore.

Will Batman remain insane? Will the Joker remain possessed with the power of good?

Well, you’ll have to see it and find out.

The movie never got made… because of 911.

At the time, I wanted Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson to restore their roles from the Tim Burton films. But actually, Michael Keaton would mostly also be playing the Joker, because in most of the movie, the Joker has plastic surgery to become Bruce Wayne.

If you want to see this movie made, please email Warner Bros.

Actually no, you know what? That will never work.

Just email Madison Cawthorn.

I recently rolled up on one of his rallies and stepped up to the plate: “when is Anglin’s Batman vs Bruce Wayne film going to be made?” I asked him (I was in disguise as a mailman).

He told me: “we are actively working on that one.”

I replied: “we need to get this thing rolling.”

He jibed: “the wheels are turning, buddy.”

He then started explaining that we could just bust into the Warner Bros studio and start filming it.

I asked about whether or not Michael Keaton and Jack Jack Nicholson were down to break into Warner Bros studio to make the film, and he quickly stated something about having “four crates of knockout gas” and how “it won’t be a problem to get them into a trunk.”

I said “I disavow” and then slithered back into the crowd and dissolved like morning mist.

It was at this same rally but the Jews and Keaton’s lawyers keep getting the clip taken down.

I did manage to get screenshots of a Seth Abrams thread talking about it.


After some confusion, I guess I need to point out that this article is a joke, that Madison Cawthorn did not say he is planning to forcibly make my Batman movie. However, those tweets from Seth Abramson are real. He was having some kind of psychotic breakdown, and it is completely unrelated to everything that Cawthorn said at that rally. Abramson reads Hoax Watch daily and has been warning about my Batman vs Bruce Wayne script for years, but I don’t know how he connected it to Cawthorn.

He (or his account) later tweeted this to a popular Zack Snyder fan account.

I really hope that Abramson is okay and that Cawthorn isn’t planning some kind of Wild Bunch assault on the DC jail as part of some FBI psyop or to prove his masculinity because he has no legs.

Honestly, I doubt the night confusion units operating on the Israeli border are real either.