Jews Put Giant Zioblimp in the Sky to Protect Themselves from Arab Bottle Rockets

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The exact specifications of the aircraft, which was dubbed ‘Sky Dew’, haven’t been announced, but it was described as one of the largest of its kind. Its radars are said to be able to detect incoming long-range missiles, cruise missiles and drones.

The system, jointly developed by Israel and the US, has undergone successful tests in recent months and is planned to be put in service in the north of the country soon, according to the ministry.

Sky Dew will complement existing Israeli land-based detection systems by putting additional sensors at a high altitude. Such elevated radars “provide a significant technological and operational advantage for early and precise threat detection,” said Boaz Levy, CEO of the Israel Aerospace Industries, which helped develop the system.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz has hailed the blimp as “another technological breakthrough that will strengthen the defense of Israel’s skies and Israeli citizens.” The new system “fortifies the wall of defense that Israel has built in the face of the distant and imminent air threats being built by its enemies,” he said.

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