Jews Pushing Middle East Towards All Out War

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2017

The Middle East is on the verge of an all-out war, and (((Jared Kushner))) is at the center of it.

The pro-Iran Houthis in Yemen – a country the Saudis are trying to literally wipe off the map with a famine blockade – have now started shooting back. In a gamble that took balls of brass, besieged Houthi rebels managed to fire off ballistic missiles that reached King Khaled airport in the Saudi capital of Riyadh, but were intercepted. The Gulf Arabs are blaming Iran, despite the fact that there is no evidence Iran is arming or financing the Houthis.

Israel has been especially aggressive in their saber-rattling against Hezbollah and Iran lately. They are planning this war right out in the open. I have written extensively about the fact that Israel would be crushed if they tried to invade Lebanon again.

But Jews are always one step ahead. Now that their proxy ISIS is gone and their attempts to bolster buffers through campaigns in Syria, Yemen and Iraq (Kurds, Al Qaeda and ISIS) have failed, they have been busy cultivating and arming the resentful low-IQ Medieval camel jockeys in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through liaisons like Kushner. Israel is planning to consolidate Sunni oil basketcases into a formidable military alliance in order to lead them into a war with Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

The conflict is between two factions: the globalists (world Jewry led USA, European Union, Sunni extremists and Sunni governments) and the anti-globalists (Iranian and to a lesser extent Russian backed Palestinians, Shi’ite powers, secular moderates).

Jerusalem Post:

The times are changing in the Middle East as alien nations find common ground in a bid to avert Iran supremacy within the region. Thrown into the mix is the strong international desire for the ousting of Syrian leader Assad. The opening of the dialogue between Israel and Saudi Arabia is perhaps the most significant shift in the region. There have been no diplomatic ties between the two nations, with Saudi Arabia has been a supporter of Palestinian sovereign rights.

A more open relationship has not come overnight, however, with the two nations having shared intelligence on enemies within the region, including Iran. Both nations hold a common view on Iran and its rise to power within the region. Both Israel and Saudi Arabia have a common ally in the U.S and the acting president also shares a similar view on Iran. In recent years, there has been plenty of reports about Israeli-Saudi relations.

One particular article claimed that the Saudis had run tests on bringing down air defense systems to provide the Israeli Air Force a path of least resistance to Iran.

News of a secret visit by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Israel in September suggests that the need for stronger ties is ever increasing. Adding to the media frenzy over the possible opening of diplomatic relations between the two nations was news of Kushner visiting both countries last month. Kushner is Trump’s chief Middle East adviser. The U.S administration is keen to see Israeli-Palestinian talks resume and for relations between Israel and Arab nations to improve.

A great divide in the Middle East may be on the horizon as Israel and the U.S may well become a significant force behind the split. A rebalance of power is seen as a must and how Congress deals with the Iran – U.S nuclear agreement will be considered a key step in the process.

How could it affect Israel? For Israel, the benefits are significant and finding allies across the Arab world will be considered key in dealing with the old foe. The Shi’a-Sunni divide is never greater and any prospect of nuclear capability on either side of the divide is a chilling one.

Since Cyrus the great, the Iranians/Persians have always risen to the top in the Middle East. They are a force impossible to destroy because history has elected them to lead!

Iranians, Lebanese and Syrians are racially closer to Europeans – they have strong doses of Aryan blood animating them, while the picnic cloth heads have nothing but the deflating price of oil. Instead of investing oil money in diversifying their economy and improving their nation as a whole, the Saudi princes spend all their wealth on frivolous bullshit like Mexican narcos or black rappers.

The Sunni/Shi’ite split is as much racial and cultural as it is theological. Their enlightened form of Islam, superior infrastructure and pluralistic statecraft makes largely Persian rooted Shi’ites the natural aristocracy of the region. That’s why Jews fear them and Gulf Arabs resent them.

Saudi Arabia’s aggressive, thuggish posture towards Lebanon (the recently ousted Prime Minister was threatened with assassination!) is being wholly enabled by Israel and the US. Even with all their shiny and expensive military equipment, and total exemption (given to them by global powers) from the Geneva Convention and basic humanity, Yemen has become Saudi Arabia’s Vietnam. Just imagine what would happen if they invaded a more sophisticated and prepared country like Lebanon.

Jew-wise Shi’ites know where the thermal exhaust port of this emerging conflict is: Israel. Don’t be surprised if the Iranians retaliate against Gulf State declarations of war by humiliating them (like every other army that has fought the Saudis has) and then proceeding to rain hell down on Tel Aviv.

When that happens, let’s see how many Americans are willing to die by the 10s of thousands in yet another war for Israel. If we are to believe the National Review, not many.