Jews Paying Top Dollar to Keep the Brown People Flooding Into Europe

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
December 12, 2019

This is what Jew gold is being invested in, White people.

There’s basically two things Jewish charities will use their money for: helping Jews, and flooding White countries with brown people.

Has any Jewish charity ever donated money to help poor working class White people put food on their table or pay their medical bills?

Meanwhile, most White charity money is used either to feed brown people or save the whales or whatever.

Times of Israel:

There is currently a single rescue ship operating in the central Mediterranean to aid the thousands of refugees and migrants attempting to cross on their own from northern Africa over to Europe, according to its operators.

The rescue ship, dubbed the Ocean Viking, set sail early last month from Marseilles. It is run by the nonprofit humanitarian organization SOS Mediterranee, and the Central Welfare Board of Jews in Germany has joined a number of other aid groups in supporting its efforts.

The Ocean Viking made headlines across Europe last month when, less than two weeks after its launch, it had already collected 356 migrants, mostly from Sudan, from boats in distress off the Libyan coast. Over capacity, the ship was then forced to idle in international waters for nearly two weeks as European countries reluctantly hashed out an agreement to absorb the asylum seekers.

“It was August and the ship was extremely crowded, sitting in the middle of the water with the sun pounding down — it was unbearably hot,” David Starke, general director of SOS Mediterranee in Germany, told The Times of Israel.

“Conditions were very difficult on board, but for more than 10 days the ship was stuck in a standoff position between Italy and Malta as we waited for someone to grant it a port of safety,” Starke said.

Why wasn’t the navy dispatched to sink these invaders? Isn’t that the purpose of the navy?

I don’t know how much a torpedo costs. But I know it’s a lot cheaper than keeping 336 brown people alive for the rest of their lives.

How is it even possible that the coast guard didn’t notice this invading ship for 10 days? They obviously did, but were ordered not to do anything by traitors.

“The ship wasn’t equipped to hold that many people, but we kept responding to distress calls because we could not refuse to help people in danger,” he said.

Eventually, six European countries — France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Romania — agreed to take those on board, and the Maltese navy brought them ashore.

Did these people ask Sudan to take the Sudanese invaders in?

That’s a rhetorical question.

Of course, a Jew-funded organization has only one goal: bringing in as many worthless invaders into Europe as possible. They obviously never even considered the possibility of dropping them off in a non-White country.

In recent years, it has become a regular occurrence for boats to capsize and passengers drown while attempting to make the treacherous journey from Libya to Malta or Sicily in vessels not designed to withstand the rigors of the high seas. The migrants are often at the mercy of smugglers paid to transport them across the Mediterranean, but who do not personally accompany them. To all appearances, these smugglers care little for the passengers’ safety.

Since the completion of a yearlong Italian rescue mission in October 2014, there has not been another ongoing operation in the Mediterranean by a European state. The European Union as a whole has never launched such a mission.

It’s a common occurrence for these boats to capsize precisely because the illegal migrants and their traffickers know full well that they’ll be rescued by the Jews and their shabbos goyim, who will then negotiate with various White countries to bring them in with full benefits.

If there was a more likely probability of just drowning – let alone getting gunned down by the coast guard – you can be sure that the flow of boat people would get cut off in an instant.

Even if we still rescued them, but then promptly returned them to their own countries, the motivation would drop quite fast.

The Jews don’t care at all about how many of these people will end up drowning in the sea, as long as the influx of hostile brown invaders doesn’t stop.