Jews Panic Over Accusations that the Coronavirus Pandemic is a Jewish Plot

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
March 16, 2020

Jews are quite concerned about the goyim accusing them of being behind the coronavirus. Perhaps a little too concerned.

Jews are none too happy that there are people on the Internet accusing them of being behind the coronavirus pandemic. They are claiming that these accusations are fringe conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic tropes without going into the actual specifics of the accusations.

Times of Israel:

The coronavirus pandemic has upended the world. China instituted a lockdown on tens of millions of its people. Israel set drastic restrictions on workplaces and public gatherings. And the United States on Friday declared a national emergency, all in an attempt to contain the spread of the novel virus.

As the infectious disease — with no vaccine or specific cure — has spread across the globe, a new conspiracy theory has been brewing on the fringes of society: The Jews are behind it.

According to Alex Friedfeld, a researcher with the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) Center on Extremism, extremists began promulgating the notion in January that the coronavirus was created by a cabal of Jews, around the time the virus was first being detected.

“The most popular conspiracy theory is that Jews are using this virus as a means for profit,” Friedfeld told The Times of Israel. “They are saying Jews manufactured it and are going to take advantage of the markets collapse through insider trading.”

Such ideas have been percolating not only on extremist platforms like Telegram and Gab, he said, but through posts on mainstream platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where memes and statements have been posted regularly.

“What’s interesting to me was I started to see these same conspiracy theories — and anti-Semitic ones in particular — pop-up on social media,” he said.

In some cases, these theories have also appeared on state-sponsored television networks, like in Turkey.

One guest on Turkish television said “Jews, Zionists have organized and engineered the novel coronavirus as a biological weapon just like bird flu” to “design the world, seize countries and neuter the world’s population.”

These Jews can’t really claim that this is a “fringe” conspiracy theory when this topic is being openly discussed on Turkey’s state-run television network.

Of course, Jews are not known for their ideological consistency.

Beyond spreading the falsity that coronavirus is a Jewish invention (some have referred to it as a bio-weapon), some white nationalists have also celebrated the disease outbreak as an opportunity for their cause.

“They are saying it could destroy society completely and, on the ashes of it, they could build their white ethno-state, which is what they want,” said Friedfeld. “This is maybe the virus that will break society, and they hope they will have a chance to build upon the remains.”

Another idea being spread is that the coronavirus is a conspiracy between Jews and Zionists and the so-called Deep State to take down US President Donald Trump.

“It’s a lot of these plays off of old tropes and stereotypes that are being repacked and deployed again just with this new storyline,” Friedfeld said.

Notice how this Jew just says that the accusations are false but doesn’t provide any specific information to explain why the accusations are false.

We are seeing the exact same narrative pushed by Johnathan Greenblatt, the Jewish head of the Anti-Defamation League.

The fact of the matter is that it is very possible that the coronavirus was a biological weapon developed and deployed against China by the United States or Israel.

Even though we obviously don’t know this with 100 percent certainty, it is certainly a more plausible explanation than other explanations we have been offered that attempt to explain its origins.

It is definitely a more plausible explanation than the ridiculous assertion that it came from bat soup.

Or how about the premise that China’s government just decided to unleash the coronavirus on its own people? Why would they do something that would cause an untold amount of problems for themselves?

And why is it that we saw a substantial number of Iranian government officials get infected?

It is quite strange that a number of top people within the government of Israel’s arch-nemesis just so happened to get infected when this thing started getting hot. It’s not like any of them were wandering around Chinese markets in Wuhan eating bat soup.

The Israelis were also bragging about how they were on track to be the first to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus – before the outbreak in Wuhan. The explanation offered for them being able to do this was “luck.” Or could it be that they had an understanding of this virus due to it being a part of Israel’s biological weapon stockpile?

When you develop a virus as a biological weapon, you develop the vaccine at the same time.

Jewish scientist and nanotechnology researcher Charlies Lieber.

There is also the strange case of Charles Lieber, a Jewish scientist from Harvard who was arrested this past January for lying about his connections to a research lab located in Wuhan. As we already know, Wuhan was the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. Lieber was specifically involved in doing various types of research and development within the fields of neurobiology and nanotechnology. What the exact nature of his work was, is not quite known but his arrest and connection to Wuhan raises a number of serious questions.

Lieber was previously given an Israeli award for his work.

Charles Lieber, the Mark Hyman Jr. Professor of Chemistry, was recently awarded Israel’s prestigious Wolf Prize.

A pioneer in the synthesis of a wide range of nanoscale materials, the characterization of the unique physical properties of those materials, and the development of hierarchical assembly methods for nanoscale wires, Lieber has demonstrated the use of nanoscale materials in nanoelectronics, nanocomputing, biological and chemical sensing, neurobiology, and nanophotonics.

There is more publicly available information to suggest that the coronavirus could be a biological weapon created by Jews, than there is to support various anti-Russian conspiracy theories that Jews have promoted. Conspiracy theories like the idea that Donald Trump is an agent of Russia working for Vladimir Putin. Or the theory that Russians rigged the 2016 election to get Trump elected by purchasing Facebook ads and hacking computers.

But the fact that we see Jews vigorously protesting the discussion of this topic, is just another indication that the topic must be researched and investigated further. The people of the world have a right to know exactly where this came from considering all the chaos it has caused. Any reasonable person can see that the chances of the coronavirus being a biological weapon developed and deployed by Jews for nefarious reasons, is much, much higher than zero percent.