Jews Outraged That Young Americans are Avoiding Their Deadly Vaxx!

Hang in there, bro.

Zoomers are refusing the deadly vaxx.

Unlike boomers, zoomers read the internet and understand how to manage basic facts, and they’ve found that this virus hoax is a gigantic scam, and this vaxx is part of a Jewish death plot.

The New York Times – commonly known as the Daily Kike Hook-Nosed Circumcizer Tribune – is not happy about this.

They’ve published 1,500 words condemning young people for refusing to sacrifice everything by taking this deadly experimental vaxx.

Among young people, even stupid whores are apparently smart enough to not take this deadly vaxx.

New York Times:

Bridget Burke, 22, a college student in Michigan, said she was unsettled by rumors that COVID-19 vaccines could affect her reproductive health. Bryson Hardy, 19, a fiber optic cable splicer from Georgia, said he was not worried about contracting the virus and had no plans to get vaccinated. And Cinda Heard, 27, an in-home health care assistant in Missouri, said she feared potential side effects from the vaccine and got a shot only because her employer required it.

As the country’s vaccination campaign slows and doses go unused, it has suddenly become clear that one of the biggest barriers to mass immunity will be persuading skeptical young adults of all backgrounds to get shots. Federal officials expressed alarm in recent days about low vaccination rates among Americans in their late teens and 20s, and have blamed them for the country’s all-but-certain failure to reach President Joe Biden’s goal of giving 70% of adults at least an initial dose by July 4.

That is an aggressive opening two paragraphs.

The Times is literally condemning young people as evil for taking responsibility for their own bodies.

The article goes on to explain that the government is figuring out ways to try to manipulate people into joining this deadly experiment.

But the straightforward sales pitch for older people — a vaccine could very possibly save your life — does not always work on healthy 20-somethings who know they are less likely to face the severest outcomes of COVID.

As public officials race to find ways to entice young adults to get vaccinated, interviews across the country suggest that no single fix, no easy solution, is likely to sway these holdouts. Some are staunchly opposed. Others are merely disinterested. And still others are persuadably skeptical. But pretty much everyone who was eager for a vaccine already has one, and public health officials now face an overlapping mix of inertia, fear, busy schedules and misinformation as they try — sometimes one person at a time — to cajole Gen Z into getting a shot.

“If you’re busy, if you are challenged with everything else in daily living and you’re not sure you want to get vaccinated, then you hang on to one little thing that may not be true at all that gives you an excuse,” said Dr. Rex Archer, the health director in Kansas City, as he surveyed a storefront vaccination site where only one person, a 38-year-old man, came in for a shot during a 30-minute stretch Wednesday morning.

Gay, dumb millennial scum!

Choke on it!

Public health experts say vaccinating young adults is essential to keeping infection numbers low and preventing new case outbreaks, especially as the more infectious Delta variant spreads in Missouri and other states.

The only explanation remains “experts say.”

To this very day, no one has actually explained how non-vaccinated people give the disease to vaccinated people, if the vaccine works.

If you press them on this, they will eventually say that actually, the vaccine doesn’t really work.

But then they will not say why anyone is getting it if it doesn’t even work.

It is all lies within lies.

We still have no proof there even is a new virus.

Since vaccines became available six months ago, health departments have focused with varying degrees of success on urging groups identified as reluctant — including people living in rural communities, African American residents, conservatives — to get vaccines. But in recent days, public health officials have identified young adults as a significant challenge for a country where fewer than 1 million people a day are receiving a vaccine, down from an April peak of more than 3.3 million.

In a federal report released last week, just over one-third of adults ages 18-39 reported being vaccinated, with especially low rates among those who are Black; among people 24 or younger; and among those who had lower incomes, less education and no health insurance.

“I’m nervous about what’s in the vaccine,” said Burke, a senior at Western Michigan University who is from Chicago. “I think personally I’ll put it off until I absolutely must get it.”

Burke said that her family wanted her to get the shot but that she worried about the vaccines affecting women’s reproductive systems, a concern that came up in multiple interviews with young women. Scientists have said there is no evidence that the vaccines affect fertility or pregnancy.

There is also no evidence it doesn’t affect fertility.

In fact, there is no evidence of anything, because the vaccine skipped the standard 10-15 year trials that all other vaccines ever in history have gone through, because the lying Jew government and sickening Jew media claimed that millions of people were dying from this virus they can’t show even exists.

Still, rare but real side effects have emerged as a serious concern, especially for young people who feel they are at low risk from the virus itself. Johnson & Johnson vaccinations were paused briefly in the spring after the discovery of rare blood clots in young women. And federal health officials said last week that the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines may have caused heart problems in about 1,200 Americans, many of them younger than 30, though they said the benefits of vaccination continued to far outweigh the risks.

Note that they don’t say the benefits.

Obviously, even if you believe all of the mountains of lies these people have told about this supposed virus, young people have no risk of dying or even getting symptoms from it.

So why is it worth risking death or a serious health condition?

What are these “benefits”?

The only benefits that actually exist are the ones they’ve created – they are taking away your ability to work, to travel, to do anything at all if you refuse to get the vaxx.

So the “benefits” are that the government will give you back some of your freedoms – for now.

Of course, they are just going to take all those freedoms away again when the virus lockdowns turn into global warming lockdowns.

These people the Times interviewed are tapped in – even the retarded millennial bitch who submitted to the vaxx knows the score.

“I just don’t feel the need to right now,” said Hardy, the cable splicer from Georgia, who was surfing Wednesday in Surfside Beach, South Carolina. “I feel healthy. I’m fine. I’m just living life. If something happens someday, and I have to, maybe, but I doubt it.”

Heard, the in-home health care assistant in Kansas City, Missouri, who said she was required by her employer to get the shot, said she worried there could be side effects that might not emerge for years. Most of her friends, she said, had opted not to get vaccinated.

“If I didn’t work for them and didn’t have a new car payment, I wouldn’t have got that,” Heard said.

White House officials said they expected 70% of people 27 and older to receive at least a first dose by July 4. But add in Americans ages 18-26, the officials said, and the country was likely to fall short of Biden’s goal for all adults.

Luke Norris, 23, who works as a cook at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, said he was undecided about the vaccines. He usually does not get vaccinations unless they are required, he said, but might still be persuaded to get a COVID shot, especially if it was required for him to pursue his goal of becoming a missionary.

“I have a friend who really wants me to get it, and I have family members telling me not to get it,” Norris said. “I have people pulling me on both sides.”

Many young adults are relatively healthy, and they often have work, school and young children to worry about. Getting vaccinated does not always register as a top priority, experts and young adults said.

“These aren’t people who are connected to the health system,” said Arthur Caplan, a New York University bioethicist who studies vaccine hesitancy. “They don’t have a doctor — they have their parent’s doctor.”

The Jew social engineer is baffled!

This is great, great news.

Especially about the women.

It is going to be wonderful if this vaxx just kills everyone who takes it. It will eliminate all the worst people. (Maybe not all the blacks but definitely all of the nagging white cunts that defend and enable the worst behavior of the blacks.)

And we will rebuild.

We will have enough wombs, based on the data we’re seeing.

If you squint, you can see a wonderful new world emerging on the other side of this nightmare we are experiencing.