Jews Outraged That Americans View Political Violence as Potentially Unavoidable

The way this question is worded, it doesn’t imply offensive violence.

Yahoo! News:

Almost one-third of Republicans say they think violence may be necessary to solve the problems facing the United States, according to a new national survey by the nonprofit Public Religion Research Institute. The finding is part of PRRI’s 12th annual American Values Survey released Monday which, among other things, highlights the continued impact of the same falsehoods and conspiracy theories that fueled the violent Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol nearly one year later.

The survey was conducted between Sept. 16 and Sept. 29 through online interviews with a random sample of 2,508 adults living in all 50 states. Nearly one in five, or 18 percent, of overall respondents said they agreed with the statement: “Because things have gotten so far off track, true American patriots may have to resort to violence in order to save our country,” including 30 percent of Republicans, 11 percent of Democrats and 17 percent of independents.

“It is an alarming finding,” said Robert Jones, CEO and founder of PRRI. “I’ve been doing this a while, for decades, and it’s not the kind of finding that as a sociologist, a public opinion pollster, that you’re used to seeing.”

Overall, the responses to this question illustrate the “significant and rapidly increasing polarization in the United States,” he said.

Mark Pitcavage, a senior research fellow at the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism, said that it’s “extremely disturbing” that “nearly a third of the Republicans measured in this poll are getting comfortable with the idea of political violence.” And, he said, the much smaller percentages of Democrats and independents who expressed support for this idea are also “enough to be concerning.”

Of course, no one can really deny that the Founding Fathers would have demanded offensive violence in this current situation. The people running this country are a whole helluva lot more abusive and oppressive – tyrannical is the word – than Old King George.

In a quote that used to be taught to every high schooler in the country, Thomas Jefferson, the key former of our nation and the seeder of our national identity, claimed that violence against the government was a routine necessity.

Note the use of the word “must.”

I don’t support offensive violence against the government, for reasons I’ve been consistently explicit about: at this point, it can’t possibly work. The nation is too faggotized, and the hardware gap between the population and the government is too wide.

Just as Lot could not change the leadership of Sodom, we cannot change the leadership of the United States. But like the people of Sodom, the leadership of this nation is doomed by God.

But the claim that believing that political violence is sometimes necessary is “Unamerican” is just stupid and factually wrong. These people have no claim to “America.” It’s not an abstraction, or a “living document” – the Founding Fathers did not stutter when they consistently endorsed political violence.

It’s probably safe to say “violence is against democracy,” but so is reporting a tranny forcibly sodomizing a 9th grade girl in the school bathroom. Democracy has no relationship to the Founding Fathers or the nation’s core identity, and I would absolutely go so far as to say that democracy is anti-American.

Hilariously, Democrats used this H.L. Mencken quote against Donald Trump.

Obviously, Democrats don’t read, and certainly don’t read 1920s political satirists, and wouldn’t know who Mencken is. But the meaning is right there at the beginning of the quote: “as democracy is perfected…”

Mencken was writing just shortly after the system of democracy had been established in America in the late 19th century.

One statement the Democrats do say is that “America is an aspirational nation.” It’s just that it didn’t aspire to be a global genetic waste pit for the world to dump is lowest human garbage, filled with trannies and other faggots and run by women and the Jews. America aspired to be a nation with values that went above those of the mob of peasants, which is why it was founded as a Republic with unalienable freedoms enshrined. The aspiration was that these freedoms should be unchanging and eternal, and therefore could never be taken away by a monarch or a mob.

Those freedoms enshrined are now officially completely gone, and the regime is intent on continuing to push, so it doesn’t really matter if people believe there will be violence – there is going to be violence.

Further, beyond the identity and goals of our nation, the people have a Christian duty to resist tyranny. Man, made in the image of God, was not intended to be dehumanized by brutal sadists, and he certainly wasn’t made to be destroyed by a forced vaccine biological warfare program.

I disavow offensive violence. It’s not possible.

But if they come for you and your family, you have not only a right but a duty as an American and as a Christian to defend yourself. These people do not have any right to put anything into your body. They do not have a right to take your sons from you and force them into sexual slavery to the homosexuals.