Jews Outraged Over Balkans Soccer Situations

Daily Stormer
June 14, 2015


A couple of stories of Jew hatred in Balkan soccer today.

First, in Bosnia.

Jerusalem Post:

Perhaps Israel national team soccer player Ben Sahar was on to something.

The forward made waves before Friday’s Euro 2016 qualifying match against Bosnia – which Israel proceeded to lose 3-1 – when he said that “the hostile Muslim spectators at the game [in Zenica] will spur us on.”

His comment raised eyebrows, yet it appears that his concerns were well-founded. Pictures emerged of mobs of Bosnian fans stepping on a replica Israeli flag before the match. There were also reports that some extremist fans were chanting anti-Israel and anti-Jewish slogans.

What is a replica flag?

Do not know.

Also, not clear is how using the flag of a nation amounts to race hate, given that it is normal to do this at a soccer match against any country.

But I guess what truly matter is that Jews feel they were being race-hated.

Next, in Croatia, there was a swastika on the pitch.


The Croatian football federation has blamed “sabotage” after the imprint of a Nazi swastika was left on the pitch used for its national team’s Euro 2016 qualifier against Italy Friday night.

The match at the Polijud Stadium in Split was already being played behind closed doors as punishment to the hosts for previous incidents involving its fans, but the few present and viewers on television could clearly see the notorious symbol.

Ground staff made largely unsuccessful efforts at halftime to remove the swastika sign. It was unclear if it had been mowed into the grass or placed there by other means.

Tomislav Pacak, a spokesman for the home federation, issued a statement about the incident on its official website Saturday.

“We apologize to all viewers, our guests from Italy and the players from both teams, for the Nazi symbol on the Poljud Stadium grass,” he said.

“We have immediately notified UEFA of the incident.

“This was an obvious act of sabotage and a criminal act. We condemn it and ask the police and judicial bodies to find the person(s) responsible for what is a shame not only for Croatian football, but the entire country.

To be clear, I don’t even see the swastika.

Here’s the picture.


But I guess what truly matters here is that the Jews feel they see a swastika there.