Jews’ News: The ADL and Media are Lying, The Real Anti-Semitic Threat is the Blacks

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2019

I’m an avid reader of the Jew-for-Jew news, and it is simply incredible the ways in which it diverges from the Jew-for-Goy news.

In the Jew-for-Goy news, we are hearing nonstop, every single day, about the rising threat of evil white supremacist neon-Nazis who are on the verge of rising up and implementing a second lampshading.

In the Jew-for-Jew news, however, this concern is immediately dismissed, and the real threat is revealed: black people. They will also say very frankly to one another that the alleged anti-Semitic threats being played up by the Anti-Defamation League – those done by white people – are a hoax.

Jewish News Syndicate:

If you’re Jewish, how afraid should you be of being a victim of a violent antisemitic hate crime? In the wake of the Pittsburgh and Poway synagogue shootings in the last year, many American Jews remain afraid. The specter of white-supremacist hate that fueled those and other mass shootings has become the primary focus of those tasked with fighting and monitoring antisemitism.

But while the slaughter in Pittsburgh remains the worst act of antisemitic violence in American history — with 11 Jewish worshippers shot and killed during Shabbat-morning services — and the scary imagery of the August 2017 torch-lit march of neo-Nazis in Charlottesville has become a symbol of the rise of extremism, the odds of the average American Jew personally encountering violent Jew-hatred remains extremely small.

Except, that is, if you are Orthodox and living in Brooklyn.

In the past week, three violent incidents involving attacks on Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn have occurred. Although there was at least one close call involving a paving stone being hurled at a rabbi that injured him, no deaths resulted. While the police have hesitated to label all of these attacks as hate crimes, the common denominator is that the victims were all Jewish men clad in Orthodox garb, and therefore easily recognizable as Jews, with the perpetrators also hurling antisemitic abuse.

The New York City Police Department has reported 150 antisemitic hate crimes in the five boroughs so far in 2019. That’s already more than double the number recorded in 2018. Most seem to fall into the same category as last week’s spate of attacks in which identifiable African-Americans set upon Orthodox Jews.

If any other religious minority were facing this kind of threat, it’s not hard to imagine that the reaction from the organized Jewish world, as well as the mainstream media, would be something close to panic. Yet calm has prevailed among those who are tasked with the job of sounding the alarm about hate.

The reason is clear. Those who are being insulted, threatened, and assaulted don’t look like most American Jews. Even worse, those responsible for these crimes don’t fit into the narrative about antisemitism that has been established by groups like the Anti-Defamation League and the media. Instead of white supremacists who can be loosely, if inaccurately, linked to President Donald Trump, the perpetrators are African-Americans.

You don’t have to be a Jewish community-relations professional or a sociologist to understand that a replay of the tensions that tore New York apart in the 1960s and ’70s as blacks and Jews clashed is not the topic that the organized Jewish world wishes to discuss in 2019. Indeed, the instinct among some in the mainstream non-Orthodox community is to put down what’s happening in Brooklyn as the inevitable tensions that result when starkly different ethnic or racial urban populations live in close proximity to each other, rather than traditional antisemitism.

But in order to come to such a conclusion, you have to ignore the fact that there is a conspicuous source of antisemitic incitement and influence among African-Americans that many political liberals have struggled to ignore: Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

The article then goes down the hole of speculating on an organized anti-Semitic black conspiracy, which is, from an outsider’s point of view, clearly completely nonsensical. There is zero chance that the blacks engaged in these attacks are part of an organized network of people with an ideological hatred of Jews. What they are is a bunch of random black people who hate Jews as a result of the personal interactions they’ve had with them in their lives, particularly in the form of the greedy Jewish landlord.

Jews are a paranoid race, and they just naturally view anyone opposed to them as part of an organized conspiracy.

But it sure is fascinating to see the way that they will go out there in public and whine endlessly about the evil whites, but in their own publications say outright that the real threat is from the blacks – and that the ADL and the media are lying to push a political agenda.