Jews Manufacture Media Uproar Over Deceased Syrian Juvenile

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2015

Too heavy for his dad to rescue.

The Jew media have gone into absolute hyper-drive today by revealing a picture of a deceased Syrian infant.

BBC journalists have literally been screaming into David Cameron’s face – how can he not do something about this tragedy? How does he sleep at night? Why Dave, why?

You would think the country was on the verge of armed revolution, about to storm the chamber and string him up for refusing to allow an open ended number of savages to stream into the country and replace us.

Every time I look up at the screen it still has ‘Breaking News – pictures of dead Syrian child cause international outrage – when will the Prime Minister do something about it?’

Yet if you look at a recent poll on the subject, far from there being large numbers of people demanding he obey the orders of the Jew media, 74% are saying NO, BRITAIN SHOULD NOT TAKE ANY MORE REFUGEES.

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This woman was raped and murdered two days ago, along with her husband, by an illegal immigrant in Spain. Where is the outrage over her death, or her rape, or the hundreds of others that have occurred since the start of this ‘migrant’ crisis?

And it is not just the BBC, it is every newspaper in the land pretending that there is nothing else on anyone’s mind but concern for the poor Syrians who were foiled at their attempt to invade Europe in their inflatable dinghy.

They have even wheeled out the father, who if it had been a White man, would by now have been locked up for reckless endangerment of human life.

This man left his wife and kids to drown, while he swam to the shore and survived!

He is being paraded around like a hero and the media is acting like it is our fault that he left his family to die.

Nobody is fooled by this, this is one of the most obvious instances of media manufactured public opinion ever and I really don’t think it is going to wash.

No we don’t want any more immigrants and no we don’t care if they start using their own children as human shields either.

We have become desensitized to dead infants thanks to the hundreds killed by the Israeli defense forces last year, dead babies just don’t cut it any more.

Either start responding like Hungary has to the problem before they even get to Britain, or start preparing for a bloody war.

Because they are the only realistic two options.

Editor’s Comment (AA):

Perhaps the most fantastic aspect of this media spectacle is that these people were coming form Turkey – not Syria!

There is no war in Turkey, and it is a country which offers asylum!

So this family took a gamble – rolled the dice – not to escape certain death at the hands of ISIS, but to win the jackpot in Europe!

They are admitting this right in the headlines!
They are admitting this right in the headlines!

The analogy here would be someone dying in an illegal street race. You play the game, you take the risk and you face the consequences.

Sure, a dead child is sad. I don’t think anyone would argue that point. But the child would be alive, healthy and well-fed in Turkey, if his father had not decided to play the game and try to get into Europe so as to get better free everything forever from Whitey.

He bet his child’s life on the prospect of financial gain! This is an abhorrent criminal act by anyone’s standards.

This is not a pitiful act of desperation – this is an act of extreme and almost certainly psychopathic criminal negligence!