Jews Make Progress on Project to Genetically Engineer Immortal Mice

The Bible says that a man should live 3 score and 10.

When I turned 35, I considered it a “halfway finished” celebration. It was a reminder to savor my days, to always make the best decisions because I only get so many of them, but also a reminder that this does someday end, and that is a good thing.

People tell me I won’t feel excited about dying at 70 when I’m 60. This may or may not be true, but what I can tell you is that when I’m 60, I won’t be thinking it’s a good halfway point.

This concept of living forever, or drastically extending life, is gross.


A new study in which scientists extended the lifespan of laboratory mice by 23% through a special protein may pave the way for humans to celebrate 120th birthdays, its authors said.

Israeli scientists have boosted the supply of SIRT6 protein – which “controls the rate of healthy aging,” but usually declines in the system with age – in 250 mice and achieved some incredible results. The life expectancy of their test subjects not only increased by 23%, but they were also more youthful and less susceptible to cancer compared to ordinary mice, a peer-reviewed paper, recently published in the Nature Communications journal, has revealed.

“The changes we saw in mice may be translatable to humans, and if so that would be exciting,” Prof. Haim Cohen of Bar-Ilan University, who spearheaded the research, told the Times of Israel newspaper.

If humans receive an equivalent protein boost their average life expectancy could reach almost 120 years, he said. In 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic, the UN estimated the average life expectancy was 72.6 years.

Cohen’s lab is currently looking for ways to safely increase the levels of SIRT6 protein in people. The mice were genetically modified, but humans would require drugs to achieve the same effect.

“We are developing small molecules that may increase the levels of SIRT6, or make existing amounts of the protein more active,” the scientist said, adding that he expects concrete results in two or three years.

Cohen has been working on the issue for a long time, and already reported a 15% increase in the life expectancy of mice in 2012. However, his remedy only worked for male rodents back then.

See how they’re saying that they edited the genes of the mice before they were born, but they need to do it to humans who are already born?

You don’t know it, but the coronavirus vaccine development was part of a program to develop a gene editing delivery mechanism.

I’ve talked about it before and posted studies, but just type “CRISPR mRNA delivery mechanism” into a search engine. What you’ll find is a bunch of studies from the 5 years before the coronavirus hoax saying that they’re ready for large scale gene manipulation, they just have to work out the delivery mechanism.

The non-mRNA vaccines use a form of mutant DNA, which is also an alternative gene-editing tool.

Basically, along with everything else, this coronavirus hoax allowed for billions and billions of government dollars, and more importantly, entire university department resources, to be dumped into developing gene therapies. Now, you have them continuing to develop new “vaccines,” and telling you they’re going to give you “boosters.” What this is actually going to allow them to do is test all kinds of new gene therapies on the entire global population, and find out what works.

They will be able to keep track of who they give what therapies in a computer database that is going to be linked to the coronavirus tracking app. That app will tell you to come in and get your latest “vaccine.” They will then be able to inject you with whatever gene therapy test they want to inject you with – or get you to inhale it, or whatever.

Of course, we don’t know that this is the purpose of the vaccine regime. But can you think of anything else that makes more sense than that? The elite have already decided that they want a genetically engineered global population, and they want to genetically engineer themselves to live forever. They are behind schedule, and a lot of guys like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are in their 60s and 70s and could miss the boat – die before these technologies are developed. What coronavirus did is allow them to kick it all into hyperdrive.

I’m just saying. That is the explanation for the vaccine obsession that makes the most sense to me. It also explains why they want to vaxx infants, despite the fact that they know a lot of them are going to die and it’s going to be difficult to cover that up.

This is also the core of satanism: playing God. There is nothing that comes closer to actually being God than messing with genetics.

This is why it makes sense that the Jews have vaxxed themselves: they are going to genetically engineer themselves as well, and the vaxx is building the framework for that.

If you want a WHITE PILL, then consider the fact that this is all totally bound to fail, and all of these people who were vaxxed are going to be mutants with diseases that kill them.

Only the pure will remain, and we will rebuild.