Jews Just Can’t Stop Gloating About Notre Dame Fire: “It’s Always Good When White Men Lose Their Power…Really Beautiful”

Diversity Macht Frei
April 22, 2019

These people just can’t help themselves. This is from an interview the appropriately named Vice magazine did with a number of young “Parisians”.

What were your feelings when you heard the news?

I thought it was sad but beautiful. It was an important lesson: Nothing lasts forever –– everything comes to an end. We’re watching the beginning of a new modernity; religion and the Church don’t have the same influence they did before, and it’s always a good thing when white men lose their power. 

From a spiritual point of view, does this mean anything to you?

I saw the fire with my own eyes; it was really beautiful, as though Satan was speaking to us humans to say “The end of your world is coming!” I identify as queer or gay; I’m a spiritual person, and I believe in the same light that burned the cathedralI think we need to burn all churches and get rid of all organised religions. We need to reconnect with spirituality, to understand that all human beings are equal so that we can finally all accept one another.

What do you think of the reactions on social media and the press?

In Muslim countries, when ISIS came into power, they destroyed Egyptian and religious places that were clearly more important, and nobody cared. Now this happens in Paris and the whole world feels invested; that makes me cynical. If you ask me, it’s crazy that in just a few hours, people have given more than 450 million euros for a little fucking church! We have plenty of other problems affecting actual human lives.