Jews Introduce New Concerns About Human Breeding Patterns

Jews weren’t concerned about human breeding before.

But now apparently they are?


Women now make up close to 60% of those enrolled in college, a record, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The gap between men and women enrolled in college is quickly widening.

NYU professor Scott Galloway told CNN said the gap is leading to a “mating crisis.”

I don’t know that I’m convinced that women are only 60% of college students. From what I’ve personally witnessed, it’s more like 85%.

Of course, the whole university system, like the entire society at large, is designed to give totally unfair advantages to women, while punishing men for the swing of their penises.

We live in a matriarchy, and that isn’t going to change because someone wrote a news article. The only way this is going to change is if men rise up and begin the real rape (that’s a metaphor).

Another thing that we know is that women will divorce their husbands if their husbands make less money than they do.

Meanwhile, the Jews are rambling on about this “gender pay gap,” which is a totally unfounded fantasy, designed to widen the pay gap between women and men.

I also do not believe that Jews actually care about this problem. These people have been telling us for 100 years that they want to abolish the family unit, now it’s happened, and they’re coming out and saying “oh dear, what caused this?”

Women are making men completely superfluous, and they are creating a situation where men will exist for no other reason than to be manipulated and abused by dominant women.