Jews in Hyper Damage Control Mode as New Mel Gibson Movie Gets Rave Reviews

Daily Stormer
September 6, 2016


In vino veritas, Jews!

Top Nazi and acclaimed actor/director/oven-master Mel Gibson has made a new movie that is opening to rave reviews.

But what about those mean things he said about Jews though?

A certain (((Owen Gleiberman))) writes for Variety:

Mel Gibson has made a movie about a pacifist who served nobly during WWII. It’s a testament to his filmmaking chops, and also an act of atonement that may succeed in bringing Gibson back.

To be honest, the whole “noble pacifist” thing just doesn’t really speak to me, but Mel having a comeback is a net positive, so let’s see what else Mr. Gleiberman has to say, shall we?

…it will likely prove to be the first film in a decade that can mark his re-entry into the heart of the industry. Yet to say that “Hacksaw Ridge” finally leaves the Gibson scandals behind isn’t quite right; it has been made in their shadow. On some not-so-hard-to-read level, the film is conceived and presented as an act of atonement.

Oh no, not this kvetching again…

It should be obvious by now that the question of whether we can separate a popular actor or filmmaker’s off-screen life from his on-screen art doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all answer. Every instance is different. In the case of Mel Gibson, what we saw a number of years ago — first in his anti-Semitic comments, then in leaked recordings of his phone conversations — wasn’t simply “objectionable” thoughts, but a rage that suggested he had a temperament of emotional violence.

You can hit Owen up on Twitter: @OwenGleiberman

But what did Mel ever say that was so bad? A quick perusal of of his “most offensive” comments is really just a list of facts and world class IRL trolling.

(((Gleiberman))) is not the only one who wants to make the whole situation about Jews and not the movie itself.


A certain (((Roger Friedman))) writes for Showbiz 411:

Mel Gibson’s “Hacksaw Ridge” has opened to solid and very good reviews at the Venice Film Festival.

But at today’s packed press conference, not a single person asked Gibson about his ten years of scandals.

Could it be that, like most everyone else, they just don’t GAF anymore?

But at today’s packed press conference, not a single person asked Gibson about his ten years of scandals. “Hacksaw Ridge” is set in World War II, and has a pacifist for a hero. Andrew Garfield, who is Jewish, is the star of the movie and gets Oscar like plaudits. But no one in the press conference asked Mel or Garfield about Gibson’s famous 2006 statements when he was pulled for drunk driving in Malibu. Gibson told Jewish police officer Jame Mee: “F— the Jews. The Jews are responsible for starting all the wars in the world.

No one asked what (((Roger Friedman))) wanted asked, and that is truly anuddah shoah.

BTW, his Twitter account: @showbiz411

But there’s more. There’s always more.

This came on top of the news that Gibson had built and operates Holy Family Catholic church in Agoura Hills, California— now with a tax free foundation worth $70 million–that disavows Catholic church policy, is not part of any dioceses, and blames Jews for the death of Jesus Christ. Also, Gibson’s father, Hutton Gibson, is an avowed Holocaust denier.


Ye Gods! Believing that the Jews killed Jesus and knowing that the holohoax is a world class fraud cannot be allowed!

He goes on to compare Mel’s truthful utterance to a Negro director committing gang-raping a White girl who later committed suicide.

The Gibson-“Hacksaw Ridge” debate parallels that of Nate Parker, the director of “Birth of a Nation.” Parker was acquitted in 1991 of rape, yet the story of that case has now been raised as the well reviewed movie is getting ready for release. The big Oscar debate of 2016 will be how to weigh the actions of these directors vs. their movies. Are we supposed to separate the man from his art? And how does the director’s personal actions color the way we look at the movies?

But what will satisfy these Jews? Oh yeah, more apologies… and he has to disavow his faith!

One last thing: please disregard any mumbo jumbo from navel gazing movie reviewers who suggest that Gibson is somehow commenting on his personal situation in “Hacksaw.” The only statement from Gibson that can be accepted are blatant and specific– that he apologizes to Mee and to everyone, all Jews, and that he disavows the church he built and supports.

Okay Shlomo, go ahead and hold your breath, I’m sure he’ll do that really soon!


“Got your apologies right here – in the trunk of my car.

The truth is, Mel has been the poster boy for what happens to a media figure who happens to notice of what the Jews are up to and then happens to mention it. Many have done so before him, like Marlon Brando and Gary Oldman, but a few days of public shaming and six million heartfelt public apologies later, they were forgiven and taken back into the fold.

But not Mel.

No, Mel is a special case when it comes to these Jews. No amount of meeting with smelly rabbis or prostrating himself publicly in the media will satisfy them.

But what is so different about Mel?

Probably that he made a movie about Jesus Christ that portrayed what was written about him accurately, and thus exposed the fact that the Jews murdered him!


“So then I said, ‘The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.'”

Imagine the conundrum this was for the Jews! Here they were happily subverting the goyim via their complete stranglehold on Western media, and some strong White action figure has to go and make a movie that threatens their very most supportive demographic – the evangelicals!

They tried every way they could to cut it off at the pass. First they screamed “it’s anti-Semitic,” but then Christians started asking “Do Jews think the New Testament itself is anti-Semitic?

Spoiler alert: They absolutely do!

But they recognized the inherent danger of this gambit right away. Many a kike has been kicked out of many a nation due to their hatred of the host society’s religion, and the pogrom’s always seem to be just around the corner, so they attacked the movie itself, claiming it was no good, etc., and no self respecting cinefile would waste his time watching it, in any format, ever.

Then when it started breaking all box office records, especially for a religious film, and all the churches started  buying DVDs by the gorillion and distributing them for free, they knew they’d really lost ground.

And that’s why this non-story about a few drunken comments has been a kosher albatross around Mel’s neck ever since.

It’s not like the Jews actually care if a director does bad things.


Nothing to see here, goy. Move along.

So, despite the movie being about a pacifist portrayed by a Jew, I’m considering going myself, if for no other reason than to vote on the JQ with my hard earned dollars. It just seems like the right thing to do.

And if you think Mel is done stirring up controversy, I hear his next movie is a sequel to Passion of the Christ, entitled The Resurrection.

He’s got his sights set on the target. Keep making those movies, Mel!