Jews Hopping Mad at Alex Jones After Poor Debate Performance with Dr. David Duke

Daily Slave
August 24, 2015

It looks as if the honeymoon between Alex Jones and his Jewish masters is over. Jews are very upset with the outcome of the Dr. David Duke interview which exposed Jewish control over many Western institutions to a much larger audience than ever before.

The Jewish community is said to be greatly dissatisfied with Alex Jones after he was intellectually massacred by Dr. David Duke on his show last week.

For years, Jones has been an asset for the Jewish power structure.  He has successfully misdirected millions of people from looking at the fact that Jews are in control of the banking system, the media, Hollywood, academia and other major centers of power throughout the Western world.  All the while he has served as a successful distributor for erection formulas and other fine snake oil related products.  This has made many a Jew merchant happy.  Furthermore, his Jewish wife, Jewish kids, Jewish sponsors and Jewish guests have pretty much forced him into the role of a Jewish propaganda asset.

Just a few of Alex's Jewish allies.
Just a few of Alex’s Jewish allies.

Even though he has served the interests of Jews for many years, it looks as if that honeymoon might finally be coming to an end.  Jones, who has an ego about the size of the Good Year blimp, got himself into trouble by shooting his mouth off at the prospect of debating historian and researcher Dr. David Duke.

Jones thought he could easily win a debate with Dr. Duke by calling him mean names, but he was sorely mistaken.  Dr. Duke is an intellectual heavyweight who has written several books and produced an endless amount of material on the subject of Jewish power.  As many of you already know, the interview did not go well for Jones.  Jones and his Jewish producer Rob Jacobson were forced to bury material related to the interview due to the embarrassment it was causing.

Israel Shalom Cohen of the Israeli Mossad had the following to say about what is now being referred to as the Jonestown Massacre.

“Oy vey!  It is like another Shoah what happened with the Alex Jones show.  We do not know what Alex was thinking.  It was bad enough that he had Dr. David Duke on in the first place but to let him talk for minutes at a time and expose the fact that we Jews are in control of so many things is a complete outrage!”

“We honestly don’t know what to do now.  His pro-Jew media operation has been totally compromised and exposed.  Just look at all of the anti-Semitic comments underneath his articles and videos.  This could lead to a second Holocaust so we at the Mossad are monitoring this situation very closely. “

When pressed on if the Jews would consider giving Jones asylum in Israel to escape all of the angry White Americans who view him as a traitor to his own people,  Cohen replied with the following.

“We were always willing to give Jones asylum in Israel providing him and his Jewish family a Tel Aviv beach house.  Unfortunately in light of recent events we no longer believe we can honor this arrangement.  He has become much more of a liability than an asset for us Jews.  If the fat man would have just kept his ego in check and not interviewed Dr. David Duke this could have all been avoided.  Since so many goyim now know that Jones has been lying to them, it looks as if we may just have to shut it down.”

This clearly must represent a new low for Mr. Jones.  Not only has he alienated much of regular audience, but Jews who have supported his propaganda operation are also turning against him.  The only thing that could save Jones at this point is if he mans up and apologizes to his audience for lying to them and begins exposing the Jewish power structure.  Unfortunately, it is doubtful that he will do this since he’s already married to a Jewish woman and has Jewish children.  It looks as if it may finally be over for Jones and his disinformation empire.

Meanwhile, The Stormer Troll Operation against Jew Wife Jones continues.