Jews High on Their Own Supply: Rothschild Heiress Goes Full-Negro

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 8, 2014

Kate Rothschild, trillionaire heiress with jungle love Jay Electronica.
Kate Rothschild, trillionaire heiress with jungle love Jay Electronica.

Jews, in their infinite deviousness, have encouraged the worst forms of decadence and depravity in White society.  As it turns out, they themselves are less than immune to the effects of this systematic encouragement of indulgence in filth.

The Rothschild heiress, once a housewife, has gone full-Negro, dating a black rapper, going partying and presumably doing hard drugs.

Daily Mail:

Pulling hard on a cigarette as she sauntered down the road, the unkempt brunette in the hoodie barely drew a glance from photographers outside Ronnie Scott’s nightclub in Soho last week.

The flashbulbs duly exploded into action for Kate Moss, Noel Gallagher, Stephen Fry and many more. But what of the girl in the tracksuit and grubby trainers? She would have looked more at home begging for change.

It was only when her companion was refused entry to the club, sparking an unseemly argument with door staff, that the penny dropped. This was no beggar; it was Kate Rothschild, mother-of-three and heiress to one of the world’s most illustrious — and notorious — banking dynasties, with her rapper boyfriend, the extravagantly monikered Jay Electronica.

‘To be quite frank I was shocked when I saw the pictures,’ a long-standing family friend of the Rothschilds told me this week. ‘One tries not to jump to conclusions, but when she goes out looking like that it is terribly worrying.

Indeed, Kate Rothschild’s life has undergone a total transformation since 2005, when she was happy to describe herself as a housewife. Now she is a rock chick, hanging out with rappers.

It is certainly hard to believe that Tuesday’s apparition is the stunning girl who lit up the gossip columns a decade ago in the society wedding of the year.

Kate, then 21, was a vision of understated beauty with flowers in her hair as she wed Ben Goldsmith, bringing together two of Britain’s most fabulously wealthy dynasties. He was worth £300 million; his bride a comparatively paltry £18 million.

Now, her marriage destroyed, she spends her life trying to control a wannabe rapper. As Jay’s manager, Kate, 31, has had to fit in with him — swapping designer dresses and jolly lunches for tracksuits and snatched cigarettes outside recording studios.

Meanwhile, Jay, who has a daughter by a previous relationship and a penchant for marijuana and Jack Daniels, has introduced her to life a world away from her comfortable upbringing.

When they go out partying, which is often, Jay likes to make an impression. His reputation is as a man who doesn’t care who he offends — a trait that many blame for his failure thus far to turn talent into record sales.

A smitten Kate, however, feels he can do no wrong. Witness the events of last week, when Jay, 37, (real name Timothy Elpadaro Thedford) demonstrated that while you can take the rapper out of the deprived housing projects of New Orleans, a questionable legacy remains.

‘He got into a massive argument with the bouncers because they wouldn’t let him into the club,’ says a witness to the fracas, which ended with the couple being admitted. Then, when they left, Jay was clearly the worse for wear because he started trying to open car doors, saying he was going to drive them home. Kate had to drag him away.

‘Then he got into another argument — I think it was something to do with the ridiculous shorts and knee-high socks he was wearing — and Kate just leaned against a car, looking fed up.

‘Eventually, they headed off home, but not with any dignity.’

Dignity, sadly, has been in short supply since Kate’s marriage spectacularly imploded in 2012 after Ben uncovered her year-long affair with Jay after reading texts between the two. He was so angry that he is alleged to have slapped her and kicked a child’s toy at her.

Cue the police being summoned and a hugely unedifying public spat on Twitter, which culminated in divorce. Since then, Kate’s life has changed almost beyond recognition. Always interested in the performing arts, she had been dabbling in the music industry and had set up her own business, Roundtable Records, for whom Jay was a star client, before the marriage broke down.

She has now swapped life within the London society bubble for a more chaotic existence with Jay. A number of society invitations have been discreetly withdrawn, not least because many of her and Ben’s mutual friends were unimpressed by the public manner of their split.

‘Kate leads a dual life,’ adds the family friend. ‘She is a fantastic mother, utterly dedicated to her three children, but when not on mummy duty she and Jay have a very different lifestyle.

‘When I met him I found him perfectly charming. In a curious way, he’s not at all dissimilar to Russell Brand because he is very passionate and articulate in an unconventional manner.

The good news is, Jay has signed a contract with Jay-Z, and should be making a hit record soon.  I’m sure her aunties and uncles feel great about that.

Her father, Amschel Mayor James Rothschild, killed himself in 1996, so he isn’t around to witness her bestial acts with the c-grade rapper.

So, even a spawn of the Rothschild dynasty is not immune to the poison the Jews have flooded our society with.

Rothschild was married to another powerful young Jew banker, Ben Goldsmith, but failed to protect her family's dynasty due to jungle fever.
Rothschild was married to another powerful young Jew banker, Ben Goldsmith, but failed to protect her family’s dynasty due to jungle fever.
“We bees up her in da inglen, bees du da muh dik upondem ju bangger betchs, gits dem pons fro da bitch, rah dawg. We gis dem cognag, gis det gole jain, gis dat faynazz wip n nigga we gis duh gucci.” -Jay Electronica on his relationship with the heiress of the richest family in the world

Looking at this, we can see that the Jews are not invincible, as they would have us believe.  Far from it: they cannot even manage their own personal affairs, cannot keep their daughters from shacking up with Negro druggies, due to their own program of destroying our society.

The Jews are still excellent at conquering and controlling institutions of power, and working together to undermine our morals in order to strip us of our dignity and resources, but they have caused so much chaos in society, that they can no longer control this out-of-control modern situation.

The Jew was comforted and coddled in our society after the war, and could have remained so.  Instead, he launched a series of terrible revolutions which collapsed the society which he thrived in, and now he faces destruction along with us.

The parasite has nearly killed the host, and the parasite is dying with us.

If we are able to make ourselves strong again, while the Jew is weak, victory will be inevitable.