Jews Hedge Bets on Iran War, Print Columns No One Will Ever Read Saying It’s a Bad Idea

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 22, 2019

Reading this article from Roger Cohen in the New York Times, you might think you were reading the Daily Stormer.

New York Times:

President Trump has been all over the place on Iran, which is what happens when you take a serious subject, treat it with farcical superficiality, believe braggadocio will sway a proud and ancient civilization, approach foreign policy like a real estate deal, defer to advisers with Iran Derangement Syndrome, refuse to read any briefing papers and confuse the American national interest with the Saudi or Israeli.

This American slouching toward another Middle East war has been a disgrace, shot through with the twisting of truth or outright lies. Now Trump has approved, only to reverse, a retaliatory strike for the Iranian downing of an American drone, an aptly chaotic culmination to the drift the president has allowed.

The 11th-hour calling-off of military action was the one wise decision Trump has taken on Iran since he took office. Dazzled by Saudi blandishments, Israeli veneration, the opportunity to trash Barack Obama’s diplomacy and the lure of evangelicals’ votes, Trump determined from Day 1 that the Islamic Republic was the enemy from Central Casting. His view was unburdened by any serious assessment of how to balance toughness and engagement in the long-traumatized American-Iranian relationship.

The United States does not need the war with Iran that John Bolton, the national security adviser, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo seem determined to deliver. It would be a war of choice, illusion and irresponsibility. It would place Americans at risk across the Middle East, with no benefit to the United States or its allies.
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The Trump administration has been lucky. Now, in a real crisis, and one of the administration’s own making, the cavalier ineptitude and absence of anything resembling process is on full public view. Threats and bombast get you just so far. Iran has called Trump’s bluff.


Mic drop.

Later on, he says that the Obama Iran deal was a way to manipulate Iran into opening up to the West and being conquered by Jews that way.

The Islamic Republic is a repressive regime with a hideous human rights record that underwrites Hezbollah and pursues interests opposed to America’s across the Middle East. Since 1979, it has been an enemy of the United States. It is also a sophisticated society and substantial economy whose highly educated population seeks greater contacts with the West. Its political system is not monolithic.

The strategic thinking behind the imperfect but effective nuclear deal, the fruit of painstaking diplomacy, was that it might over time bolster the more moderate forces in Iran. Trump’s ripping-up of the deal was a gift to the hard-liners. This month, Iran said it would stop honoring the limit on how much low-enriched uranium it is allowed under the deal to stockpile. How is that good for the United States, or indeed for Israel?

Does this one Jew believe that is the best strategy for Jews?

Who knows.

Probably not, because he was definitely a staunch supporter of the Iraq war.

But even if he does believe what he’s writing, he’s an extreme outlier.

Virtually all Israelis and the overwhelming majority of the diaspora want to send the big orange man to fight a war or otherwise use military pressure to collapse the Iranian regime. Certainly, that is going to be the view of the entire editorial board at the New York Times, and their reporting is going to help Trump with his push for war, just as their reporting helped George W. Bush in his push for war.

Publishing op-eds like this is Jews hedging their bets.

They always make sure to be on every side of everything.

No one reads NYT op-eds. No one really reads op-eds in general, other than other journalists.

Everyone with any sense at all knows that this war is going to be an utter disaster of proportions we can’t really even imagine at present, and the Jewish media will turn around and blame the whole thing on Trump just like they turned around and blamed Iraq on Bush and his team.

In fact, it’s obvious that they have handpicked Mike Pompeo and John Bolton to run this specifically because they are not Jewish. Bush was so surrounded by Jews that it created some pretty bad optics. This time they will be able to pin all of it on three goyim.

Then they’ll be able to send New York Times columnist Roger Cohen on CNN to say “I wrote a column back in June of 2019 saying exactly this would happen. Don’t blame this on the Jews, goyim. We’re not monolithic, you know.”