Jews Had to Overthrow Our Civilization Because It Couldn’t Accommodate Them as a “Superior Species”

Diversity Macht Frei
May 13, 2019

Norman Cantor, showing the superior genetic qualities of his tribe.

Norman Cantor is far from being a great historian. He is not what I would call a reliable narrator. Few Jewish historians are, tempted, as they always are, to warp their narration of events to serve the propaganda interests of their tribe. Cantor does this too of course, but he does go further than most Jewish historians in admitting that Jews have contributed to the ill feeling against them through their own behaviour and occasionally even acknowledges that the antisemites might have had a point.

One of the rhetorical gambits like to occasionally use is to point out that blaming them for both Communism and the excesses of capitalism is inherently contradictory and therefore absurd. Cantor, however, acknowledges that Jews were indeed grossly overrepresented at both ends of the spectrum, which he refers to as “white” (capitalist) and “red” (anti-capitalist).

Half of the six members of the politburo that was the supreme government of Soviet Russia in 1920 were Jews. The first head of the Soviet secret police was Jewish. Jews were prominent in the leadership of the community party in Germany, Hungary, and Austria. In the 1920s close to half the members of the small the political insignificant American Communist party were Jewish. There was, therefore, an affinity between the Jews and not only market capitalism but also late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century communism. Empirical data support the contention of French and German anti-Semites in the 1920s and 1930s that Jews were both capitalists and communists, and thus double anathema to the reactionary racist and religious movements that funneled into Judeo-phobic fascism. The German cartoonists of the 1920s who depicted Jews as both bloated capitalists swallowing European civilization and nefarious red terrorists plotting to blow up Western civilization were not engaging in absolute fantasy, even though Jewish apologists then and historians now like to make that accusation and try to forget the whole thing.

Source: “The Sacred Chain – A History of the Jews” by Norman Cantor.

His discussion of why Jews were drawn to red revolutionary movements is particularly interesting. He claims that Jews had “superior genetic qualities” but when western capitalism was unable to accommodate Jews as a “superior species”, they had to try and overthrow it.

This upheaval and westward migration of the Jews (still leaving five million in Eastern Europe, however) was accompanied by two major changes in their occupations and well-being. The Jews in the Americas and Western Europe entered more freely into the nexus of market capitalism not only as petty bourgeoisie but as industrial workers and corporate owners. Although millions of Jews had carried their Eastern European impoverishment with them to the West, their literacy, native intelligence, religion-conditioned moral discipline, and superior genetic qualities made them excellent prospects for upward mobility in Western society.

The second factor conducive to Jewish over involvement on the Left and to the appearance of a hard core of reds among Jews was the inability of modernity and its institutional forms to absorb sufficiently brilliant and active younger Jews seeking a suitable role for themselves in secular society. The Jews innately spawned so many intelligent and ambitious young men and women that not even the vibrant plasticity of the modern market economy and society could satisfy many of them. Once the Jews were emancipated, too many younger Jews of superior capability could not find places in society and economy that were adequate for the exercise of their talents. The Jews, once emancipated and given opportunity for mobility, were culturally so advanced that market capitalism could not accommodate some of this superior species, and inevitably some reacted to this rebuff by becoming not whites but reds. By this thesis, societies in which Jews were not yet fully emancipated—Germany in the 1840s, Russia in the 1890s—or were legally emancipated but still limited in economic opportunity—Vienna and Budapest around 1910, the United States in the immigrant era from 1890 to 1940-—would be especially productive of Jewish reds. This is indeed what happened.

One might question the benefits of having this “superior species” around if they’re tempted to overthrow our civilisation whenever we don’t accommodate their demands.