Jews Get Tenured Rutgers Professor Taken Out of Classroom for Criticizing Jews on Facebook

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 12, 2017

Jews have succeeded in eroding yet another American free speech tradition: tenure.

The historic purpose of giving academics tenure is to protect intellectuals with ideas that are not mainstream from losing their job over political pressure. Professional security allowed Kevin MacDonald to write Culture of Critique, and even radicals like Revilo P. Oliver were granted this post in the marketplace of ideas.

Today, getting tenure is very difficult. Most tenured academics got in a long time ago. It’s a system Jews have always despised, as it allows people to be intellectually honest.

Now Rutgers University has removed a tenured professor from his classroom over remarks about Jews he made on Facebook!

Fox News:

Rutgers University removed a professor accused of posting anti-Semitic statements on Facebook from his position as a director at the New Jersey school.

Michael Chikindas will no longer serve as director of the Center for Digestive Health at the Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health, Rutgers President Robert Barchi said Friday. The tenured food science professor was also barred from teaching required courses and will take cultural sensitivity training courses.

Barchi called the situation “sad and deeply troubling.” He said the university is seeking further disciplinary action against the professor through the faculty union.

Chikindas shared over a period of several months anti-Semitic cartoons along with conspiracy posts that claimed 9/11 was orchestrated by Jews, according to university administrators. Officials said Chikindas also referred to first lady Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Donald Trump, as “sluts.”

Administrators said the posts “perpetuated toxic stereotypes” and were upsetting to Jewish students and staff at the university. The professor will be subject to ongoing monitoring “if and when” he returns to teaching, Barchi said.

Most “conservative” websites are reporting this as some kind of victory. They’re hypocrites!

The (((official right-wing))) makes a lot of noise about free speech on campus, but doesn’t have much to say about free speech in general. Their focus on universities has nothing to do with free speech.

These kikes are only concerned with the fact that left-wing anti-Israel students make it hard for open Zionists to operate.

One of the big cuck “campus free speech” sites, Campus Reform, appears to side with the Jew censors here.

The free speech third rail isn’t conservatism, it’s Jews. The Anti-Defamation League’s campaign to ban and fire thought-criminals isn’t limited to white nationalists, but also Christians, left-wing critics of Israel, and various other disparate groups that get in their way.

Whether you’re on the left or the right or not even all that political (like Michael Chikindas the Food science professor), all traditions and institutional norms will be broken to accommodate the whims of your frenzied Jewish opponents.