Jews Get Black Principal Fired for Refusing to Confirm the Holocaust

“White supremacists” like myself celebrate successful blacks. I say this with 100% genuineness: there is nothing that makes me happier than to see a black man acting like a normal person, with a good, normal job.

Meanwhile, Jewish “anti-racists” see a black man with a good job and a normal life, and they seek to tear him down.

Jews only have one single use for blacks, and that’s using them as a battering ram against white America. If the black is normal and working a good job, he isn’t going to be much use as a violent criminal and race rioter. So the Jews seek to destroy him.

It’s about more than the one black guy they’re destroying: the Jews want to prevent blacks from having successful male role models in their communities. If a young black boy has a role model of a successful black man as school principal, he might not grow up to be a violent BLM rioter and looter.

It’s the same reason successful, normal black people are so important to me: one successful black man could inspire thousands of young black men to not sell crack and live on welfare, and instead try to make something of his life by working. That’s X number of young black men not on the streets threatening white people.

There are innumerable examples of the Jews – supposedly this anti-racist group – tearing down successful black men and destroying their lives.

ABC News:

A Florida high school principal was fired again on Monday over a comment he made to a student’s parent last year regarding the Holocaust.

The Palm Beach County School Board’s vote on Monday morning reversed an earlier decision to reinstate Spanish River High School Principal William Latson.

Latson was fired in October 2019 after sparking outrage when he told a parent he “can’t say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event” because he wasn’t in a position to do so “as a school district employee.”

He appealed his firing and an administrative law judge ruled in August that the school board had gone too far in firing him. That prompted the school board’s 4-3 vote to reinstate him last month.

On Monday, the board reversed course and voted 7-0 to fire Latson following outrage in the Jewish community, the Palm Beach Post reported.

A formal rejection of the recommendation to rehire Latson is expected to come via a “final order” in a separate vote Nov. 10, the newspaper reported.

“I am so at peace that I am going to rescind my vote from the Oct. 7 meeting,” board member Barbara McQuinn said as the meeting began. “What Dr. Latson did was open the door for the students whose parents are Holocaust deniers for generations to come to deny the atrocity of the Holocaust.”

How much power do Jews have that they can meddle in literally any single thing that happens and ultimately get their way?

How much of that power comes from money, power and influence, and how much of it comes from people simply not being able to deal with their endless whining?

This firing is just totally idiotic nonsense.

He didn’t even deny the Holocaust. He literally said “I cannot confirm or deny.”

How is it even possible that it is supposed to be this man’s duty to confirm this event?

It’s total garbage.

Jews simply do not want any single black man successful or normal. They want to keep them all as a permanent underclass. Everything that Jews do to them is about keeping them poor, stupid and violent, blaming all of their personal problems on white people.

By the way: the Holocaust did not happen.