Jews Fly Fake News Into North Korea Using Balloons

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 26, 2017

North Korea is a resilient country. The fact that it has survived the Cold War is alone an incredible achievement.

The main catalyst for the Soviet Union’s fall was the switch of US foreign policy from detente to Ronald Reagan’s arms race. The Soviet economy was always small compared to the US (it was still a peasant economy in the 1920s while the US was already fully industrialized), so matching American military developments and foreign aid (to allies like the Eastern bloc or Cuba) dollar for dollar became impossible.

In other words, the Soviets didn’t “collapse,” Mikhail Gorbachev surrendered.

On the other hand, the DPRK doubled-down in the 90s and imposed Songun policy: invest in the military at the expense of people’s day to day living standards. Sort of like total war without the war. This kept the neocon regime-changers at bay.

Because the North Koreans have a much stronger sense of race-nationalism than the Soviets did, the people made do and survived through these tough times.

Now the DPRK is recovering economically and Russia is warming back up to them. Add in their nuclear weapons, massive artillery stockpile, and the fact that their morale is way better than South Korea or USA, and the window for a regime change closed a long time ago.

That won’t stop kikes afraid of Kim telling Iranians/Syrians/etc. his nuclear secrets or selling them their weapons.

They are now using antiquated propaganda methods to try and incite Koreans into overthrowing their government. You’d think they’d come up with something new that isn’t just flooding the country with fake news. They’re apparently out of ideas.

The Telegraph:

North Korean defectors are ramping up a campaign to covertly flood their former homeland with flashdrives and balloons full of news bulletins and documentaries to counter state propaganda as tensions escalate with the US over Pyongyang’s nuclear and missiles programmes.

Assisted by the US-based, and privately funded, Human Right Foundation (HSF) their ultimate aim is to bring down the pariah regime from within, by engaging directly with North Koreans, providing illicit information that will influence mindsets and fuel dissatisfaction.

Up to 10,000 flashdrives were successfully smuggled into North Korea as Pyongyang’s relations sharply deteriorated over the past year, said Alex Gladstein, HSF’s chief strategy officer.

But with traditional military and diplomatic strategies apparently failing to temper the threat of nuclear conflict, activists are now working furiously to reach a target of 100,000 by mid-2018.

Waging this information war was “the only way to inspire change,” argued Mr Gladstein. “So it’s really like a third way, and this is to liberate minds.

We’re creating little windows to the outside world so that the North Korean people can make decisions for themselves about what they want to do with their lives,” he said.

He revealed that the appetite for information within the hermit kingdom had considerably shifted in recent months from popular films such as Titanic, South Korean soap operas and megastar Psy’s music videos more towards news, documentaries and educational material including Wikipedia entries.

The content is chosen by defector focus groups, said Mr Gladstein.

The regime’s visceral reaction towards them, calling them “scum” and “enemy zero” showed how much it feared outside news, he argued.

What’s on the USB drives? Is it just boilerplate fake news about Kim feeding his uncle to dogs like some James Bond villain, or is it more insidious stuff like porn, pop music and Hollywood trash?

The latter would be more effective in causing chaos in their society, as Jews know full well (we were their first guinea pigs).

Many North Korean defectors want to go home, but are prevented from doing so by the South Korean government.

Their main complaint is that South Korea is an atomized bugman society that – while overall materially wealthier than North Korea – doesn’t outweigh the rootlessness, loneliness, the stress of the rat race and the mental anguish of watching Korean women getting pumped and dumped by Big White Cock!

Kim’s got nothing to worry about.