Jews Find Bizarre New Way to Offend Japs (Dessert in a Shoe)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 7, 2018

It’s unknown how a Jew would even think of something like this, though the leading theory is “because it is a Jew.”

Jerusalem Post:

When Japanese leader Shinzo Abe and his wife dined with Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu at the Israeli Prime Minister’s official residence on May 2 during Abe’s second official visit to Israel, they finished their gourmet meal with a kicker of a dessert.

Israeli celebrity chef Moshe Segev, better known as Segev Moshe, the prime minister’s private chef, capped the elaborate dinner with a selection of chocolates served in a metal shoe, which is considered highly offensive in Japanese culture.

While Abe took the unusual presentation in stride, Japanese and Israeli diplomats and Japan-watchers were shocked that the Japanese Prime Minister would be served from a shoe.

“This was a stupid and insensitive decision,” a senior Israeli diplomat who had previously served in Japan told Yediot Aharonot.

“There is nothing more despised in Japanese culture than shoes. Not only do they not enter their houses while wearing shoes, you will not find shoes in their offices either. Even the prime minister, ministers and members of parliament do not wear shoes to work… It is equivalent to serving a Jewish guest chocolates in a dish shaped like a pig.”

“No culture puts shoes on the table,” a Japanese diplomat told Yediot. “What precisely was this illustrious chef Segev thinking?

If this is meant to be humor, we do not find it funny. I can tell you that we are offended for our prime minister,” the diplomat said.

And still, to this day, in current year, we have people who actually are willing to openly argue AGAINST exterminating the Jews.

I do think it will be easy to get Japs on board with the plan I have for the Jews… I won’t give away the details here, as it is something of a surprise, but I will say: you might find that there is a bit of a surprise in the shower rooms I’ll have at my new “resort” for the Jewish race.

It’ll be a real gas, if you catch my drift.