Jews Double Estimate of Global “Jewish Roots” Population: Possibly 150M Hispanics with Jewish Ancestry

Gottfried Sturmherr
Daily Stormer
December 24, 2018

Two weeks ago, Commie Princess Alexandria claimed to be of Jewish ancestry followed by a barrage of criticism from Jews.

Turns out, there’s a good statistical chance that’s actually true, as Latin America is crawling with partial kikes.

This is why you don’t invite Jews to your sex tourism hubs, Spain.


Breaking Israel News:

A recently published study surveyed the DNA of Latin Americans and revealed that despite immigration restrictions, many more bnei anousim (Jews forcibly converted during the Inquisitions of Spain and Portugal at the end of the 15th Century) arrived in the New World than previously thought. The results indicate that there may currently be over 150 million Latinos with Jewish ancestry.

The study, published in Nature last Wednesday, was one of the most comprehensive genetic surveys of Latin Americans ever. Their Jewish ancestry is more pronounced than in people in Spain and Portugal today, indicating that a significant segment of the immigrants that settled the New World were of Jewish descent.

“We were very surprised to find it was the case,” says Juan-Camilo Chacón-Duque, a geneticist at the Natural History Museum in London, who co-authored the paper.

Chacón-Duque and his colleagues sampled DNA from 6,500 people across Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, which they compared to that of 2,300 people all over the world. Nearly a quarter of the Latin Americans shared five percent or more of their ancestry with people living in North Africa and the eastern Mediterranean, including self-identified Sephardic Jews.

Jews like to claim that they are an ethnic group with distinct genetic features when it suits them, for example when it comes to justifying the existence of Israel. They say this is the ancient homeland of the Jewish people. If there is no Jewish people, then there is no legitimate claim to the land.

The rest of the time they do the “fellow white people” shtick and push their agenda, guilt tripping white people.

And the classic:

“There are also a significant number of people in Spain, Portugal, and Italy who have a very high percentage of Sephardic Jewish ancestry,” Perry said. I used to think there were 100 million people in the world that had Jewish roots but it now seems the number is closer to 200 million.

The absolute nightmare. We are going to need bigger ovens. Much bigger ovens.

The researchers were surprised to find that the Jewish population succeeded in moving to the New World. During the Inquisition, Jews were prohibited from immigrating to the New World. This remained true until Felipe III’s Royal Pardon of 1601, and Pope Clement VIII’s Papal Pardon three years later, both obtained through massive bribes. Jews began to immigrate despite the official ban and the Inquisition continuing in South America most notably in Mexico.

Jews were living in Spain and Portugal in medieval times subverting away, sacrificing Christian children, drinking their blood, getting rich off of the goyim with their usury stuff. Basically, just doing their Jew thing.

Then Christians had about enough of that. (You’ll notice a pattern here with Jews in history.)

Naive and nice as they were, they gave those Jews the choice to convert or leave. Jews love their subverting so they pretended to convert but kept practicing Judaism in secret dark rooms.

Eventually, the Spaniards found out about it and the Inquisitions began, trying to find out who isn’t really a Christian, while pretending to be.

Not surprising at all, Jews bribed their way out of Europe.

“There is a plethora of historical evidence to show that many of the people immigrating to the New World had Jewish ancestry,” Perry said. “Priests were writing back to the Church in Spain and Portugal complaining that the Jews outnumbered the Christians. They managed to forge documents or bribe their way.”

It’s amazing what these Jews admit if they think nobody is listening.

Just by what they themselves admitted to be doing back then, it seems absolutely reasonable to expel them.

But hey, my fellow white people, those stereotypes you propagate about us nice Jews, they are not true! You are just an evil anti-Semite and hate us for no reason at all!

What does this study say about the nature of the beaner? Maybe this is an even better reason for the wall.

I can see the headlines already:

“Let those poor Jews in!”

“We cannot have the wall!”

“They are literally Inquisition survivors!”