Jews Do Another Attack on Major Syrian Port

The Jews in Israel are watching the United States trying to start a war with Russia and saying “ay yo, hol up – we got something else we need you goyim to take care of right quick.”


Syrian air defences were activated after the country’s principal port city of Latakia came under a missile attack, which sparked a major fire resulting in significant damage to the port, Syria’s state media reported.

The attack took place around 3:21 a.m local time [01:21 GMT] on Tuesday, with rockets being launched from the “depth of the Mediterranean”, SANA’s news agency reported.

Footage posted online shows a series of blasts rocking what appears to be the port.

Flames can be seen engulfing the port and lighting up the night skies in another clip from the scene.

The port has reportedly sustained “great” material damage in the strike. “A number of containers” were burned down as the result of the attack, SANA reported.

There have been no reports of casualties.

The airstrike comes exactly three weeks after the port was subject to a similar attack, which Damascus also blamed on Tel Aviv. At that time, several missiles hit the port in an overnight raid, igniting fire in the container area.

I wouldn’t bet any serious money on it – like I would bet serious money on all of my coronavirus predictions – but if I had to guess, I would guess that the whole Ukraine-Russia thing is locked in. The Jews in Israel probably know this, and they’re just going to try to attach Russia to Syria and be like “yo, America, come help us bomb the Syrians – that will help your war in the Ukraine too!”

Show me someone who can point to a problem on this earth that isn’t caused by Jews, and I’ll show you a lying Jew shill.